WinXP upgrade to SP2

  the old man 18:04 09 Sep 2005

I have twice tried to upgrade and have had major problems each time. Have tried to make a slipstream cd as well but didn't work properly. I have now heard that it may be best when doing a reformat of C: drive that to install sp2 first is the better option, then install winxp over it. Does anyone have any views. I am running well enough on sp1 but would like to upgrade.

  the old man 19:14 09 Sep 2005


  VoG II 19:16 09 Sep 2005

Did you mean to say format, install XP, then install SP2?

If so that sounds sensible.

Back in the days of the SP2 forum (2004) a common theme to emerge was that problems with SP2 were likely if the computer was not squeaky clean (i.e. had malware on it).

  johnnyrocker 19:16 09 Sep 2005

well i too am running well on SP1 and not in favour of upgrading as i cant really see any benefit.


  Jackcoms 19:23 09 Sep 2005

You cannot install XP over SP2.

SP2 is an upgrade/addition for XP and, thus, the basic OS must be there in the first place.

Most people have found that some basic PC housekeeping is the best preparation for installing SP2.

Crap clean with click here
and click here

You can safely delete all that they find. Run Scan Disk and defrag.

Have a look at msconfig/Startup - do you really need all those programs in there at Start Up?

Having said that, do you really need all those programs on your PC?

Just some food for thought!! :-)

  GaT7 19:25 09 Sep 2005

If you do the reinstall, before installing SP2, go to Windows update & scan your PC.

There are some updates that need to go on before SP2 - install these first, reboot & go to the update site again. Repeat this again & again until Win update recommends SP2 only. Now install SP2.

Also, as far as possible, don't install any other programs or visit any sites, until SP2 is installed. G

  Jackcoms 19:26 09 Sep 2005

"not in favour of upgrading as i cant really see any benefit."

Falls off chair in amazement.

You obviously haven't fully clued yourself up on SP2 click here

  johnnyrocker 19:37 09 Sep 2005

done so and not changed my mind/opinion


  the old man 19:50 09 Sep 2005

don't get an answer for over an hour, go off and have me tea and come back to that lot.

all recommendations mentioned have been done at previous attempts but still end up with lots of problems with crashes, poor performance, long/nonexistant shutdowns, etc. When I uninstall SP2 the system improves a hell of a lot. I have read about advantages of SP2 but why bother if I cannot find a remedy. Ultimately want SP2 installed.

  GaT7 20:08 09 Sep 2005

This is Microsoft's advice before installing SP2 click here, but you've tried everything already with no success.

I've installed SP2 twice with no problems whatsoever. I wish it were as simple as sending you a disk image of my system which you could just load on your hard drive, change the Product key & away you go. G

  Stuartli 23:41 09 Sep 2005

>> done so and not changed my mind/opinion>>

Foolish, to say the least.

There must be something not right with your XP setup in the first place if you have problems with SP2.

I've installed SP2 on my system and a number of others (and in the case of my son hundreds, if not thousands) without any setbacks.

SP2 was issued for very good reasons - it is also important to make sure that you have the follow up updates.

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