WinXP SP3 ?

  jarani 14:24 16 Oct 2008

MS belatedly installed WinXP SP3
on my computer - should I expect any problems ?

  Terry Brown 14:28 16 Oct 2008

If your soft is of the curent version, there should be no problem, if you are using (e.g.)Office 2000, there may be a problem.

  birdface 14:29 16 Oct 2008

Probably.Better turning off your Firewall and Anti-Virus and then install it.

  Rahere 15:09 16 Oct 2008

I installed full sp3 on release, that seems like months ago now, I didn't release MS hadn't pushed it out to users until now - still you can relax as I use office 2000 and no problems here at all.

good luck, all should be fine because you do have a backup routine in place don't you?!

  jarani 16:22 16 Oct 2008

Rahere - no back up
I do all my work on memory sticks
nothing is left on the computer
but I am up to date on all my software
Office 2007 + Works 2009 etc

  provider 2 16:29 16 Oct 2008

There are always probems but most are avoidable, fixable or shouldn`t have happened in the first place. (Trying to install SP 3 on Vista, for example, wasn`t the best of ideas):

click here

  Pineman100 16:30 16 Oct 2008

I received XP SP3 as an MS update this week, too.

No problems so far.

I'm a bit worried about your lack of backups. If you like to keep all your data on memory sticks, and not on the computer, shouldn't you consider duplicating each memory stick? Then if one of them fails you've always got a backup.

Just a thought.

  T I M B O 16:37 16 Oct 2008

The price of external hard drives nowerdays is so so cheap, you can even get a 1TB hard drive for just under £70 made by toshiba. Even pen drives have been known to fail. Better safe than sorry and peace of mind for such a small amount of mula.

  jarani 17:07 16 Oct 2008

I accept your good and well meaning advice
I must move into backups before it is too late
I have an external Western Digital USB 200 GB HD
being self taught I never got round to using it

which software would be best/easiest to use please ?

  danny7 17:23 16 Oct 2008

Please Help,I would like to get rid of the SP3
yellow shield update prompt that has sat on my task bar for a long time now.It is waiting for me to install it, but I do not want to have this update.I cannot use "don,t show this update again"
( the box does not come up) as it has been downloaded but is waiting for me to install it.

  T I M B O 17:44 16 Oct 2008

XP SP blocker tool kit click here

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