WinXP restarts all on its own

  neil.s 22:54 14 Mar 2003

I have a problem my PC running WinXP Home, it has taken to doing a restart just whenever it feels like it, I thought it was when I was playing Battlefield 1942 bur no it did it another time when me nephew and son were on the Bob the Builders site!!!
Thought it was a net thing, nope it does it on or off the net also
I have recently installed 512DDR memory, 256 in slot 1&2 512 in slot 3, could that cause it.
I upgraded the drivers on my sound car SB Audigy Player Sound card.
That’s about it, any ideas please; I am at the end of my limited ideas of how to solve the problem

  [email protected]@K @ ME! 23:10 14 Mar 2003

I have some sympathy! My XP tends to do the same from time to time usually from boot up i,ll have a flutter of restarts ,ive traced the problem to my services apps not starting properly or shutting down its worst i reinstalled Xp ....worked fine!...installed Sp1...reboots again!..Sorry,plenty of empathy but not much help :-)

  Eagie 23:22 14 Mar 2003

Sorry to say but this seems to be a very common problem without any obvious answers as all those that have mentioned this occurance on this site have different symtoms and system specifications.

The only common factor is Windows XP.

All you can do is check all drivers are ok or maybe install an earlier version of windows.

I keep thinking I have cracked it but then it happens again.

Microsoft are wonderful aren't they??!?!?

  neil.s 23:24 14 Mar 2003

At least it aint only me with this problem, another thought I had a major problem a couple of weeks ago, Windows refused to start had to do a clean install, don't no if it is all connected.

PS, see I got a sound car, me an my typos.

  neil.s 23:30 14 Mar 2003

Microsoft is wonderfull as you say!!!!!

But this forum is magic, for a quick response on most problems, from friendly, knowledgeable members.

  Mat2 16:25 15 Mar 2003

I have some sympathy with you all. I had to same problem with Windows XP restarting, i found that if you are using Roxio Easy CD creator you need to get an update from the Roxio website click here

Also you could try changing the settings in the system setting section of the control panal go into the startup and recovery section on the advance tab and untick Automatically Restart. This might cure the problem with XP restarting itselft, Good Luk to you all with this.

  Newuser38 18:11 15 Mar 2003

There are several threads which give info on this. If it only started after you added more ram try taking the extra out and see what the result. I discovered that mine will only take 128 in each slot, putting 256 caused the restart problem. I had to go to my computers site to find that I was overdoing the ram. Some new drivers do it as well/ If it started after your upgrade of the sounfd card driver but before the ram change try going back to the old drivers.

If you use the search facility at the top of Helproom you can pick up several threads on the subject.

  neil.s 19:44 15 Mar 2003

Newuser38, had a look round my PC's motherboard site, Asus, plus had a look on the Cucial site, ram should be okay will maybe try putting the 512 into slot 1.
Mat2, had a look sttings on System, advance tab, going to try the memory thing then try your idea.
I will come back here and tell how it all went

Thanks again all you helpfull folks.

  neil.s 20:02 16 Mar 2003

It turned out to be memory not located properly in its slot, ta muchly

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