WinXP Pro Pirate Version

  ferrispedro 12:07 25 Jan 2008

Hello all,I have been using my computer(bought second hand) for about three years now and amongst other things have downloaded all of my music discs on to WMPlayer.I am now getting messages saying I have a Pirate copy after trying to authenticate using the code given me by the person I bought it from.What is the least expensive way of legitimising XP Pro.Sorry if this has been asked before. Thanks,Peter.

  johnnyrocker 12:15 25 Jan 2008

best bet ring microsoft for help.


  birdface 12:19 25 Jan 2008

I presume that you have no stickers on the side of the computer with the keycode on it.I would have thought that if it was a Pirate Copy they would have discovered it long before now.You would need to shop around to see where you can purchase it the cheapest.Now whether you would have to reformat your computer.Or just phone microsoft with the new keycode I don't know.

  GBL 12:45 25 Jan 2008

I bought a legit copy on eBay, slightly cheaper than MS were offering. Still cost me over £80 though. Then had to do a full format and reinstall as I couldn't just enter the legit key code for some reason, maybe because I had service pack two on it.
Whether uninstalling that pack would allow you to enter a legit code i do not know.

  wee eddie 12:51 25 Jan 2008

It is more than possible that the Authentication process is faulty. Ring MS on the Contact Number given and discuss it with them.

Is there any possibility that you are reading one of the Numbers or Letters incorrectly. Even so ~ Ring MS on the Free-phone Line.

  ferrispedro 14:10 25 Jan 2008

Thanks all.Looking at my Computer there is a Win Me code stuck to it so that looks like the original OS.MS are looking £95 to make me legit.Do MS do cheaper updates (ie Win Me-XP)or is £95 the best I can hope for.Might be best to speak to them I suppose.Peter.

  hiwatt 14:13 25 Jan 2008

Some times even genuine version of windows fail the Windows Genuine Advantage test.My brother has a genuine version too and his came back saying it was an illegal copy.

  GBL 14:22 25 Jan 2008

As I said before take a look on eBay there are genuine ones on there. I bought mine from a computer builder who had several and apparently has the OK from MS to sell them. Just a thought. Should be OK as long as you have the hologram and preferably still sealed.

  ferrispedro 14:47 25 Jan 2008

geoffy,what about the formatting,I assume you have to do that?Is it much of a hassle? Peter.

  Taurus 14:52 25 Jan 2008

I think that after a certain number of authentications windows will automatically do this. I had a similar problem with an old XP machine and phoned MS as requested on the authentication screen and was given a code over the phone.

  birdface 15:02 25 Jan 2008

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