WinXP Pro - I can't see/access my other hard drive

  Bailey08787 13:27 02 Jun 2003


I recently installed a second hard drive, as a kind of a semi solution to my problems detailed here in a previous thread: click here

The windows boot on my original drive was no longer working, and as I did not want to delete my exisiting partition to do another windows installation (which XP was insisting I do), I bought another drive.

I successfully installed this as the master, and did another installation of WinXP (with my original drive now set-up as slave).

However, although within WinXp it recognises my original (now slave) drive is there, it is not apparent when I double-click on My Computer.

Anyone know why?


  Junction 29 13:53 02 Jun 2003

You need to assign it a drive letter I think, in the run command type "Diskmgmt.msc" without the quotes. You will be able to see the drive in there.

  Bailey08787 16:55 02 Jun 2003

thanks, i shall give it a try

does this sound like a likely solution to the rest of you?

  jazzypop 17:03 02 Jun 2003

Yes. Once in disk manager, right-click on your 'missing' drive to see the available options

  Bailey08787 09:39 03 Jun 2003

well, I tried the above mentioned advice - and for a moment I thought that it may be the answer..... drive was there - and it said healthy - and it gave me some info like 75% used, 25% free - which is about right (so fingers crossed all my data is still there).

It was also lacking a drive letter - so I was hoping it would be a simple case of assigning one.

However, when selecting the drive, and right-clicking it, all of the options were greyed out, apart from the option for delete partition (which represents my whole drive). This is obviously not the option I want.

Any other ideas/suggestions?


  Bailey08787 12:53 03 Jun 2003

no ideas for my bizarre problem?

  Leigha 13:20 03 Jun 2003

Did your new drive come with a driver disk ? Whenever i format my pc i always have to install the driver, but then again my second HDD is on a pci slot. Nevermind.

  jazzypop 20:15 03 Jun 2003

You should not need a driver disk with a new drive in XP.

You are logged in as an 'administrator', not a 'user' account?

  silliw 21:29 03 Jun 2003

Had a very similar problem myself when i demoted my master drive to a slve by adding a new larger drive. XP detected the new drive but would not display the old (slave) in explorer. I too had a problem as all my data was on the slave and i assumed that XP would detect it. I could see the drive in disk management but none of the optionss other than delete partition were available. Somewhat disappointed I resigned to the fact that I would not get the data back. However, for some reason a couple of days later Fdisk ran as I booted the machine and hey presto the disk was there. Never found out what was wrong other than a quirk of XP????

  BillEmm 22:27 03 Jun 2003

What does the BIOS say about the drive?

Try addressing it via a Bootable DOS floppy and see what happens.

Not the suggestions of a genius - just simple thoughts.

  The Spires 01:14 04 Jun 2003

Are you able to run scan disk on the drive?

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