WinXP, internal modem and slow connection speeds

  Dan 14:30 05 Jan 2003
  Dan 14:30 05 Jan 2003

I know why I get slow speeds - I live in a remote area, in woodland, and I think the line has a DAC on it. So I accept the slow speeds - more or less. (No hope for broadband in the area, there just aren't enough of us asking for it!)

Anyhow I used to get a speed of at best 33,600kbs, though more often 31,200 on my old system which ran on win98se with an external modem.

Having upgraded my pc and now running winxp with an internal modem my top speed is 31,200 and more often 28,800.

2 Questions then.

1) Which is more likely to blame for the slowdown XP or the internal modem?

2) Is there a way of forcing xp only to connect at 31200 and to redial if it tries to connect at anything slower.



  DieSse 14:36 05 Jan 2003

More likely to be the modem than anything else.

However remember - the log-on speed is just that - modems can and do adjust their speeds as and when circumstances dictate - this does not change the displayed connection speed.

The difference in all the speeds you quote is so small, I would tend to just live with it myself. Ther factors affecting actual data transfer speed can swamp such small differences in log-on speed.

  Dan 14:47 05 Jan 2003

It's a fair point and I agree that the differences are small however the difference between say 28,800 and 33,600 is really noticeable if you try and have more than a single browser window running, 2 can be very slow whereas 3 tends to appear stuck.

I used to be pretty happy when I managed a 33,600 and it's a shame to have a better system but worse connection speed even though the line hasn't changed.

  DieSse 14:53 05 Jan 2003

The best thing you can do to try and improve matters is to try another modem - possibly an external one - but I would try and borrow one for a test first.

  Dan 14:57 05 Jan 2003

Cheers DieSse,

I'll try that with my old one then. (Better check it works with XP first I suppose).

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