WinXP Install - some (easy?) questions please.

  csqwared 11:21 03 Feb 2006

I intend to upgrade to WinXP from 98SE on at least one of my two machines. Can anyone see any problem with the following specs:-
mobo Epox EP-8KMM3I with Via VT8378 chipset, AthloneXP 2400+ CPU, 512Mb PC2100 DDR SDRAM, 40Gb HDD.
The other, much older kit has a:-
Jetway 663AS mobo with VIA VT8363 chipset, 850mhz AMD Duron CPU, 256Mb PC133 SDRAM, 20Gb HDD.

Would I need extra RAM in the second system?
I intend buying retail versions of XP Pro. Am I better going for the full version or the upgrade route?
The ultimate aim is to network the two and it seems that an XP working with 98SE is awkward to set up, true?

Any further help and advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks very much.


  Strawballs 11:33 03 Feb 2006

I have run XP on a Duron 600 with 256meg of ram, a K62 550 with 256meg of ram and a duron 900 with 128 meg of ram the only thing is the Duron 600 had a jetway board and was causing problems untill I flashed the Bios.

  Totally-braindead 11:36 03 Feb 2006

First PC no problem, second one well it'll be a bit slow, not a total crawl but compared to when it was running Win 98 it'll be very slow. More memory will help especially if it has onboard graphics. I wouldn't personally install XP on the Duron machine I just think it would be too slow, I'd keep Win 98. Regarding networking a Win 98 computer to an XP one I'll leave that up to others to answer as I've really no idea as I've never set a network up.

  Strawballs 11:40 03 Feb 2006

The networking would not be a problem you would just run the network wizard on the xp machine and make the floppy when prompted to and run that on the 98 machine which will configure it for you.

  csqwared 15:53 03 Feb 2006

thanks for that, I'll just let this run a little longer for any other possible comments.

Thanks again.


  961 16:28 03 Feb 2006

If you are buying XP Pro retail then you are talking a fair bit of dosh

Have you considered buying a new computer with xp installed to replace the older one? If you are buying a fairly standard box from someone like Dell you'll find that its blisteringly fast compared with the old one, and because of the discount the maker gets on xp this way can make financial sense

The old one with xp will seem awful slow, the new one should last for years

OK it will be oem, but with a new computer, so what?

At least find out the difference in cost first

  csqwared 19:12 03 Feb 2006

Thanks for your input. I've looked at various tower options but still feel an upgrade is the best bet mainly because of the OEM issue. I realise the cost of XP Pro but feel that if at some stage I re-equip or have a major problem I will still have an OS.

Thanks again, your comments appreciated.

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