WinXP Home Start moved to opposite corner

  Audio~~Chip 00:52 28 Nov 2008

Just managed to put the bar at the bottom of the Desktop screen back to the bottom after its been on its side because someon younger person been touching while away.

Only thing is i still have the Start on the right of screen and the Clock system tray icons are on the right where my start menu use to be and they are also sideways. Tried for ages to drag and drop them back with no sucess and now getting a little bit of pain with having to look at it on a side way angle. HELP Please, how can I get these back into position ?

thanks for reading and any help tongiht.

  MCE2K5 01:45 28 Nov 2008

Can you post a Picture.

  rdave13 01:56 28 Nov 2008

If it's a Dell then have a look here; click here .
If it works you might have to drag the taskbar again.

  rdave13 02:08 28 Nov 2008

PS., if not then click on your graphics card icon in system tray, looking sidways of course, if ATI then should be in red, Nvidia in green. Rotate desktop from there. You'll still need to move the taskbar back to original place.

  Audio~~Chip 09:07 28 Nov 2008

unable to post a picture. rdave13, the graphics is onboard and its Intel, is there a option to rotate graphics with Intel onboard VGA?. Does seem to be the picture also on the desktop.

  Audio~~Chip 09:19 28 Nov 2008

Nail on the head rdave13 ! don't know how the actual settings in the intel vga control had changed but yes the rotate option had been ticked. Now I can sit up straight again.

Thank u !

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