WinXP Home SP1 15 second confirmation disp setting

  Mike68 13:20 09 Mar 2003

Yipee! Just got my new Dell Inspiron 8200. Beautiful UXGA+ display, the 1600x1200 resolution is incredible when running some of my software applications.
The graphics card is an ATI Radeon 9000 mobile.

Here's a quick query: I was messing around with the display settings, changing the resolution and the colour (NOT using the 'Advanced' button, just the allowed possibilities from the main 'settings' tab). When I changed the settings and clicked 'OK' I got the usual 15 second opportunity to confirm before it automatically reverts back to the previous setting. When I clicked 'OK' the new settings were adopted. When I went back to the original settings, I did not get this 15 second option... I just thought that this might be because the original setting was the native setup. But when I changed back to the alternative again, I did not get the 15 second option. In fact, it seems that all options only presented the 15 second confirmation the first time and then everafter it assumes that there is no need to query. At a local store with various laptops running Windows XP Home I tried this as well, but found that the only time the 15 second confirmation did not come up was when the settings were going back to the native settings for the particular model. Otherwise, the 15 second confirmation always appeared.

Has there been a subtle change to XP with the latest releases. Or is this something to do with XP Home loaded onto Dell Inspirons?

I know that this is a small and unimportant issue in the scale of things, but, as I'm sure many of you would agree, if your OS does not behave 'predictably' in any way, shape or form, then there is the underlying concern that even bigger things are perhaps not happening as they should! I have a lot of experience with Win95, Win98SE and Windows 2000 Professional, and this 15 second confirmation has always come up. Moreover, the XP Help documentation says that it should appear, it doesn't qualify that it is first time only!

When I restored the computer to the initial state when I first turned it on two days ago, the 15 second prompts came back again!

Comments? Thanks for any input!


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