WinXP Home page logon problem

  Giggle n' Bits 09:32 28 Jul 2006

when I connect to my Force 9 Broadband I have google set as home page. As soon as I connect this home page using WinXP O/s in Internet Explorer v6 the page takes about 30 - 50 seconds to load then the page is showing that white screen which is like when a web page is not available.

When I referesh the page the real google page comes back. I have tried other web pages set as my home page but they all do the same.

looking at the upstream and downstream indication icon for my Bt Voyager modem the downstream idle's when this happens as if there isn't enough juice to pump down the webpage to my machine.

I was thinking that this maybe a cookie problem but as the data down from my isp is zilch on connection I am wondering if this is yet another fault with my Force 9 Broadband.

your help would be greatly appreciated.

  Taff™ 13:17 28 Jul 2006

I suspect you are not on an "always on" connection with your ISP (Who is it?) When you click the connect button to start your modem it goes through a "Training Mode" (Perhaps amber icon before it goes green) whereas your IE is already looking for the homepage which it can`t find in the timeout period set in IE. Therefore the page is blank. By the time you refresh the page the connection has been made.

If you start the modem connection first and then open IE you`ll get it immediately. I don`t think there is a way to get round this. It should only be perhaps 10-15 seconds at most. What type of modem is it?

  Giggle n' Bits 13:48 28 Jul 2006

no usb devices are working at all. Plug say a usb mouse in it will not register al all.
Hence Broadband not working via NTL Broadband modem and DHCP errors and other things.

most likley casued by very bad lightning sotrms we had in the area about 3 weeks ago.

Thanks for the call Taff, I forgot to postback.

  Taff™ 05:56 29 Jul 2006

It`s a bit strange that only the USB ports are affected. I assume the rest of the computer is working. Can you navigate to other websites or only previous sites that are cached in IE History?

Open up Device Manager from Control Panel>System>Hardware Tab and delete everything under the USB contollers. Reboot and see if the computer reinstalls them.

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