WinTV Nova won't "pickup ITV"

  KorgY 03:15 04 Nov 2007


Got this WinTV Hauppage Nova for my laptop, and i ***Used*** To get all channels, but now, after 4 weeks off pc, i reconnected, rescsaned, but Can't get: ITV1,ITV2 ITV3 (ITV4 yes but it looks like this: ITV4(1)

Most other channels ok. My TV gets all the chanels, so not an ariel prob. I am using WinTV CD 4.0 Drivers (the one on my CD are 3.4a) Like i said, they DID work, but wondering if it's "their-end"


  Vaio123 03:47 04 Nov 2007

Do a Full Channel Scan, New Channels introduced.

  KorgY 03:53 04 Nov 2007

No Vaio, i scanned as i said above.
Msybe some different drivers?


  €dstowe 07:22 04 Nov 2007

When I had similar problems with a Hauppauge WinTV box (not that model) it was suggested that I remove all the software from my computer, download the latest software and re-install. It is important NOT to install over the top of the old.

  Stuartli 10:20 04 Nov 2007

The current digital TV transmissions (at least from Winter Hill) are all over the place and the ITV and Sky channels are almost impossible to receive on occasions (both from a new LCD and computer Freeview PCI TV card).

Between 5pm and 6pm last night, there were TWO software upgrades on the LCD set (the first cured the poor Sky signals, the second reverted to the original!)

Some of the problems, apart from the transmission technology used by ITV in contrast to that of the BBC, appear to be caused by adding ever more channels to the Freeview lineup (GemsTV etc).

Once we go fully digital in late 2009 and transmissions are more powerful, the situation will hopefully improve.

  Stuartli 10:23 04 Nov 2007

A Pioneer ITVDigital set top box, feeding a 21in CRT set in our front room, in common with the early STBs, doesn't bring any problems no matter how the transmissions affect my other sources of TV viewing.

  Stuartli 10:28 04 Nov 2007

I've find that after a channels scan with my Freeview PCI TV card, quite a number of them are duplicated, both TV and radio, whether with ShowShifter or the card's own software.

I just delete the second (higher channel number) versions.

  KorgY 19:41 04 Nov 2007

Thanks all, i'll keep scanning. I got ITV1 "Sound" only, with jutters, so maybe getting closer, Wouldn't want to invite friends up for A Film on ITV1 though !!!



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