BT 10:53 08 Jun 2008

This program has managed to install itself on my computer and I just can't get rid of it.
I've removed it from 'Add/Remove' but its in a dolder called ASDL software in c/Documents and Settings/all users/application data, and it won't let me delete it.
I've unticked it in msconfig, but its still running. It also seems to have removed all my restore points.
It has put in a screensaver that has bugs crawling all over the screen, and when I bring up the Display Properties the Desktop and Screensaver tabs have disappeared, so I can't even stop this.

Any ideas?

  johndrew 11:18 08 Jun 2008

Some information click here

Removal click here or click here

  Splodge 11:25 08 Jun 2008

I see a lot of people are agonising about Anti-Virus, etc!

I have tried most of them and had several on my computer at the same time

Try out Windows LiveCare by Microsoft! At
click here

It insists you remove all other anti-virus and spyware products before installation but it offers a 90 days free trial and then costs around £40 p.a. You can also use it on 3 computers!

I have trying it out for a month and have had no problems. It is simple, it will run a weekly scan, time you select; defrags hard drive and removes unnessary files and automatically downloads updates!

So simple compared with the half a dozen or so programs I was running previously! And... who better than Microsoft to protect its' own product!

  crosstrainer 11:33 08 Jun 2008

"And... who better than Microsoft to protect its' own product!"

Just about everyone I'm afraid:

click here

click here

IMO, a third party product is far more reliable.

  birdface 12:09 08 Jun 2008

have you tried Superantispyware that gets rid of most here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:14 08 Jun 2008

You are wrong. These programmes rely on user permission to run....antispyware programmes are no use, common sense is.


  rdave13 13:19 08 Jun 2008

I'd try rogueremover (free) and superantispyware. Update both and boot to safemode. Run rogueremover first then SAS.
click here .

  BT 13:36 08 Jun 2008

Thanks guys, I think I've got rid of it now with a combination of the software you suggested. However I still have the problem with Display properties missing a couple of tabs.

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