+++ WinRar zip file programme for Vids +++

  pcdimwit 00:02 05 Jul 2010

Hi, I have downloaded the WinRar zip file programme to try and downsize a small vid. file of about 32mb. I want to send it in an e-mail via yahoo and the limit is 25mb for an attachment ont heir e-mails) my question is: when I open the Winrar programme is it possible to actually make the size of the file much smaller, and how do I do this? I cant seem to understand how the toobar on WinRar has a file reduction tool, I can only "import" the file but I cant find a tool to shrink it to less than 25mb - also will I lose alot of quality on this short vid taken with a Panasonic DMCTZ-5 camera. (first time I have used this for a vid so a bit of a dunce!!!)

  ashdav 00:49 05 Jul 2010

Rather than email it directly as it will take a long time, why not upload it and send the download link to the recipient.
I use YouSendit click here but there are others click here
It also saves you the bother of trying to reduce the file size with a subsequent loss of quality.

  ashdav 00:51 05 Jul 2010

YouSendit is free and the file size limit is 100MB

  ashdav 00:53 05 Jul 2010

And you can use these services to send program files to people where email services won't accept .exe files as attachments.

  pcdimwit 01:57 05 Jul 2010

Thanks alot for that, I opened the "yousendit" link and it seems to me that you are forwarding your (32mb quicktime vid) file to the "yousendit" company, with the e-mail address of the recipient and they then send the receipient a message to say that there is a file waiting for them?? (is that right so far??) but the question is: how does my recipient receive the file?? does he have to look at the "yousendit" website to view the folder/vid and then download it to his computer or does it get sent in an e-mail?? I know I'm a PC DUNCE but I rather think it must be the first option, thus avoiding huge files that are too big for most email accounts and the receipient can then view the entire file, uncompromised by shrinking and lack of sharpness/pixels/sound quality etc., ??? am I on the right track? thanks PCDIMWIT - Oh it is good to know there are clever people out there who can help this PCDIMWIT who is on his own and hasnt a CLUE what to do!!!

  pcdimwit 02:47 05 Jul 2010

that is a Terrific free service for sending one file at a time (more on the pay site) of "yousendit". Very impressed, saved me alot of messing about with these other zip programmes and losing video/audio quality, Thanks alot for your help!!! PCDIMWIT

  ashdav 08:38 05 Jul 2010

YouSendit forward an email to the recipient which includes a download link to the file you uploaded.
It opens in a browser.
That link is also available to you after you have finished uploading so you can copy that and send it to anyone else you want to share the file with.
The download link stays live for 7 days then it's deleted.
Glad you got things sorted out.

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