WinRam Turbo 2.01

  johnem 14:01 09 Apr 2003

Hi gang, back for some more advice. I have WinRam Turbo installed on W98SE system. When activated, it appears to do its job and frees up some of the ram. However, I have noticed that if left running minimised in the background, the whole system tends to slow up. Are there any reasons for this as this seems to defeat the object slightly. Once WinRam Turbo is closed, system operations return to normal. Any ideas?

  Rhuddlan 14:26 09 Apr 2003

Background services are always a problem when using your machine for things such as games etc. Sometimes there are conflicts with these items and some files in your hard disk, first of all were did you install this from and secondly, is there an icon in the taskbar for this software, if so, get rid of it from the taskbar, as background services sometimes have icons in the taskbar, which sometimes causes more of a conflict in the hard disk, I have Norton Antivirus 2003 and Flight Simulator 2002 and files to do with these two programs keep conflicting, FS 2002 seems to crash every time I play on it, if your not using a service like this, stop it competely, hope this helps.

  johnem 15:38 09 Apr 2003

Rhuddlan, thank for reply. I downloaded this software about 18 months ago. I think the web site has now dissapeared. I selected to not install icon in taskbar. i am also using NAV 2003 along with Zonealarm etc.

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