lintony 15:26 15 Oct 2005

My computer is infected by Winpup32. Spybot finds it but can't clean it. I have tried Malware; No Adware; a-squared etc. etc.etc.

Most of them do a scan of my computer and find various things but none of the other except Spybot say that it is Winpup32.Also they tell me after the scan that I have to pay if I want to go any further.

I am now resigned to the fact that I will have to pay but I want to make sure that one I buy will actually clean the infection.

Can someone please advise?

  BurrWalnut 15:35 15 Oct 2005

Have a read of this, note the auto removal at the bottom of the page (your decide)click here

  MAJ 15:35 15 Oct 2005

Did you follow the manual removal instructions, that I posted a link to, yesterday, lintony? click here

  BurrWalnut 15:36 15 Oct 2005

I should have said 'you decide' or 'your decision', I'm sure you know what I mean.

  lintony 15:38 15 Oct 2005

I had a look at the manual removal instructions, but being a mere woman, didn't have the foggiest where to start.

It's all like double dutch to me.

  lintony 16:01 15 Oct 2005

Is it possible for one of you guys to give me instructions on how to do this manual removal?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:03 15 Oct 2005

Killing running processes.
Use Task Manager to end running processes. You can call Task Manager by pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL key combination, or right-clicking "Taskbar" and selecting "Task Manager". "Application" tab shows running applications, "Processes" tab - running processes. Choose the process you want to end and click "End" button.

Removing files and directories.
You can remove unwanted files and directories using Windows Explorer. Follow the instructions to call Windows Explorer:

* right-click on Start Menu button, choose "Explore";
* on left window called "Folders" choose the folder you want to remove, right-click on the folder, choose "Delete";
* select the file you want to remove on the right window, right-click, choose "Delete", or simply press "Delete" button on the keyboard.

<windows system directory>\trojanclicker.win32.vb.o.exe



<program files directory>\pup.exe





<program files directory>\over.exe

<windows system directory>\allbackf.exe

<windows system directory>\cctresa.exe

<windows system directory>\dvdq.exe

<windows system directory>\hellexts.exe

<windows system directory>\lb32v.exe

<windows system directory>\lethk32o.exe

<windows system directory>\m20f.exe

<windows system directory>\mcompata.exe

<windows system directory>\msdmodw.exe

<windows system directory>\nternati.exe

<windows system directory>\ommdlgc.exe

<windows system directory>\pg2spltm.exe

<windows system directory>\prservm.exe

<windows system directory>\sound3dd.exe

<windows system directory>\sratelcm.exe

<windows system directory>\storesp.exe

<windows system directory>\taigfxi.exe

<windows system directory>\ysinfos.exe

<windows system directory>\20444887.exe

<windows system directory>\23777407.exe

<windows system directory>\24065798.exe

<windows system directory>\25199526.exe

<windows system directory>\27032107.exe

<windows system directory>\4026430.exe

<windows system directory>\61692446.exe

<windows system directory>\64075869.exe

<windows system directory>\6904238.exe

<windows system directory>\73934572.exe

<windows system directory>\75082033.exe

<windows system directory>\77946108.exe

<windows system directory>\8439272.exe

<windows system directory>\92135256.exe

<windows system directory>\96062868.exe

<windows system directory>\astapir.exe

<windows system directory>\en2232v.exe

<windows system directory>\input8d.exe

<windows system directory>\inverw.exe

<windows system directory>\mdrvm.exe

<windows system directory>\onsolec.exe

<windows system directory>\winpup.exe

<windows system directory>\winpup32.exe

Removing registry items.
You can remove registry items using RegEdit. Launch RegEdit by entering "regedit" in command line or find "regedit.exe" file in your WINDOWS directory. Browse the left menu to find unwanted registry items, use the right window to remove them by right-clicking on the item and choosing "Delete".

WinPup32 registry key pup.setup
WinPup32 registry key software\pup

reboot the computer.

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