winows system32config problem

  nonowtatall 23:17 19 Aug 2009

windows system32 config on dell

my grandaughters dell has got a black screen with windows\system32\config\system and i have put in a xp disc to press r for repair and it asks for floppy discs then when i get past that it asks which version i take it means the built in one or the disc what do i type i have tried different letters and numbers but have had no joy If i format and do a complete clean where do i get the drivers etc from

  Les28 09:34 20 Aug 2009

Have a look at Dell support here, think I'd download the manual for the particular model and see if there are any built in recovery options first which may work, in case of a full reinstall you could get the drivers here as well for that model.

click here

From your post I'm not sure if you are trying to access the recovery console, or trying to do a repair install of XP, or a full install from the XP disk.

Theses are about repair installs

click here

click here

This is about attempting a system restore from the recovery console.

click here

  nonowtatall 10:22 20 Aug 2009

I was trying to access the recovery console but failing that try to repair from the disc in the cd rom i have got all the sites marked that you recommend and will follow all the instructions failing thati will find all the drivers and do a full format and install

  nonowtatall 10:27 21 Aug 2009

Hi les 28 last night i followed all the different options ending up formatting when it got to the bit product code i have the code off the side of the machine it said not valid so i decided to clear it all but how all i could do was switch it off when i restarted later it went back to the same thing ending up at the product code so i had to switch off again what can i do now i have a xp home with code not used how do i format and put that in
is it possible to take the hd out put it in caddy and format it from my computer any ideas because when i switch it on it goes back to where it left off loading also why does the code not work i dont have the dell disc so i am useing mine

  Les28 11:13 21 Aug 2009

Reading this it seems if you are installing from your own xp disk you enter the code for that disk, not the code on the pc.

click here

You didn't try using Dell's own built in recovery options first, pressing control and F11 keys, step 3 here

click here

  nonowtatall 12:04 21 Aug 2009

sorry les i did not see that one will it be ok now that i have tried to format and put new windows in it might be all missing the built in version as i formatted to put xp in
i put my disc in but used the code on the side of the computer
if i get no joy from all above how do i clean it completly and put anew os in also remove dell system

  Les28 12:34 21 Aug 2009

When you say you have a copy of XP, do you mean a not previously registered version of XP ?
If it's your own disk that came with your computer, you can use it to do a repair install on another machine with the same version of XP but the code has already been used to install XP on your machine in that case and can't be used to do another install of XP on a different machine normally.

What state is the pc in now, is it still showing the system32 error as it was before?

The reason I mentioned checking all the Dell recovery options for your particular model was as well as perhaps being able to fix it that way you might have found out about how many partitions are on the hard drive, there may be a C partition with windows and a D and E even with the recovery options and system tools options on.

To wipe the hard drive completely you could use something like Dban but what state is it in now as you can get Dell recovery disks ?

  nonowtatall 18:08 21 Aug 2009

les its not showing the black srceen with system 32 all it does is startand the windows logo comes up then a blue srceen saying set up is being restarted it is driving me nuts ive done the ctrl and f11 nothing happens just set up is being restarted and it goes all through the same motions ending up with the product key i type in the key that is stuck on the side of the computer and and a sign comes up invalid code what next

  nonowtatall 20:58 21 Aug 2009

i have had the hd out and put it in my caddy and all it shows is 3 folders users (empty) windows {full} and another folder with not much in so i am thinking i have nearlly flattend it so i have downloaded the dban and made a disc what next
I have a unused version of xp home will that go into this computer or shall i get a xp pro as thats what was in

  tullie 21:12 21 Aug 2009

You should be able to use any windows cd,as long as its the same version,and use your key off the sticker.

  Ashrich 23:55 21 Aug 2009

Try this , click here , I have used it many times to fix this type of error message , although there are 5 ways to do the fix , I find the choice 4 is the best way ( make a note that is using a "home" version of either XP or Vista you need to boot into safe mode to do the fix )


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