kimba04 08:21 27 Oct 2005

does anyone know why the computer geek squad at best buys would tell me not to use winmx for music on my computer because it's bad for it and can harm it.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 08:31 27 Oct 2005

1) You probably will be downloading copyright music, which is illegal.

2) there could be all sorts of rubbish mixed in with the files. You have no way of knowing what the file contains until you run it.

3) The RIAA have shut the site down as it was breaking the law somewhat click here which is terribly unfair as people will have to pay for music insted.


  keith-236785 11:50 27 Oct 2005

not an issue anymore as winmx has gone to the scrapyard in the sky, it has been closed down.

as already said by GANDALF <|:-)>

downloading music/files from a peer to peer network leaves you open to any crap that people have on their systems and no-one can be blamed except yourself, try to beat the system and it will come back and bite you.

downloading music is relatively cheap compared to buying it and as far as i know (and im not sure b4 anyone jumps on at me), once downloaded (legally) can be burned to a CD for your personal use in a cd player. IF NOT WHY NOT?, AS YOU HAVE PAID FOR IT SURELY YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO LISTEN TO IT. anyone care to disagree.

if however you do choose to use another P2P site then make sure you have a good antivirus/spyware/adware/trojan checker, also have a firewall and check any downloads for virus b4 playing, viewing or running.

  flimbo 14:00 27 Oct 2005

are you sure about that???

  SANTOS7 14:02 27 Oct 2005
  flimbo 14:03 27 Oct 2005

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