ann-199314 07:32 18 Aug 2004

Hi - A friend of mine told me to download WinMx, which I have done. However, now that I have downloaded it - I don't know what to do. What exactly is WinMx and how does it work. Thanks for any advice. Ann

  accord 08:28 18 Aug 2004

When you log on you need to go to the search tab.

type in the name of the artist and click the big search tab in the middle of the screen.

When you find the track you are looking for click on it then click on download.

You will then see that file being downlaoded from various locations around the world.

If its an mp3 file it would almost certainly be saved in my music if you are using XP.

Hope this helps.

WinMX is a P2P (peer to peer) program. It works by users sharing files across the network.

If you search for a song, it will scan all the shared files of the connected users and display the files that are similar to what you searched for. If you choose to download it, those users that have the file will begin uploading it to you. Also, if someone else wants a song that you are sharing then you will upload it to them...that´s how the system works.

However, doing this is illeagel as you are sharing copyrighted material.

Also, there are viruses that lurk around these networks. You may download a file that is named as a song but in fact contains a virus. Those files are not common but they do exist.

  Kate B 09:59 18 Aug 2004

I've never had any problems with any files downloaded via WinMX - just make sure you keep all your antivirus software up to date and you'll be fine. WinMX also doesn't have any spyware with it, making it one of the best P2P apps.

  ianeon 11:21 18 Aug 2004

I agree with "Kate B" - no spy/adware - reliable and efficient.

  CurlyWhirly 11:30 18 Aug 2004

No spyware eh?
What is this click here then?

  leo49 12:36 18 Aug 2004

Oh please - get your facts right. This trojan has to be downloaded onto your machine and THEN it acts upon WinMx. It's not included in the actual program, but a trojan designed to act upon a machine that has WinMx installed.

  CurlyWhirly 17:17 18 Aug 2004

Yes I see your point but it is nevertheless a TROJAN and who can say EXACTLY what it does or doesn't do?
It COULD open up a backdoor to a hackef for example.

  CurlyWhirly 17:17 18 Aug 2004

Yes I see your point but it is nevertheless a TROJAN and who can say EXACTLY what it does or doesn't do?
It COULD open up a backdoor to a hacker for example.

  leo49 17:54 18 Aug 2004

Do not understand? This trojan merely COULD take advantage of a WinMx installation, just as a trojan designed to exploit the vulnerabilites in Internet Explorer could do so.The operative word is COULD.This particular Trojan has been around for 18 months and any AV would pick it up as a matter of course.Using your logic the 90-odd% of PC users who happily and safely use IE should immediately stop doing so.

You ought to get a grip and realise these things are no big deal and certainly nothing to panic about.

There's enough hysteria concerning spyware and viruses on this Forum already without adding to it with scaremongering. Provided one takes the usual precautions of keeping AV up to date there's simply no need for this paranoia.

  The Spires 18:43 18 Aug 2004

More scaremongering click here

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