anon2004 17:01 13 Mar 2004

I want tyo dowenload some tunes now and again and was wandering does this really hae no adware and spyware as stated in this months PCA mag? Also is it legal to use Winmx after this click here?

Regards Bally

  anon2004 18:18 13 Mar 2004


  anniel 18:35 13 Mar 2004

before it will be law, so try it out. It is certainly ad and spyware free. You can get spyware free versions of Kazaa and Imesh if search hard enough.

If you go to:

click here

You will find a site dedicated to all the programmes about music downloading.

  anon2004 18:47 13 Mar 2004

So its legal download for NOW?

  The Spires 19:07 13 Mar 2004

Have a look here click here

  Billy911 19:22 13 Mar 2004

I have downloaded stuff that has had viruses in them. These are usually keycode generators and my anti-virus (AVG) has caught them everytime.
About whether or not it's illegal to download, well, technically it's illegal to download software but so is copying a record to a tape/CD. How many of us do that? You have to keep perspective. The Police and Law courts are not going to spend time and money chasing home users who download a few songs to play for themselves. There are simply too many of them. No, who the Police are after are the people who download thousands of songs to put on CD's then to sell the CD's.

  anon2004 13:39 14 Mar 2004

Thanks, so its safefor now to download a few songs now and again is this programme really spyware free?

  Billy911 21:46 15 Mar 2004

Yes it's spyware free. I have Ad-Aware and Pest Patrol scanning my system for spyware and nothing has come up for WinMX.

  nick_j007 22:11 15 Mar 2004

Yup, Winmx is cool and spyware free. Been using for a couple of years now.
Tip: Be sure to scan your downloads with your anti virus afterwards to be extra safe :-)


  deadneat 22:14 15 Mar 2004

It is not legal to download and share copyright music. However click here for a good file share without any spy etc

  Eargasm 22:21 15 Mar 2004

It's also possible to run kazaa,without the spyware.

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