WinMedPlayer gone under and now thisNewPlayer?

  peeby 18:59 02 Jan 2004

Several weeks ago before I went away I started having probs. with WMP not opening and sound files saying no apporiate programme available, I muddled through, but now yesterday switching on the PC with CD in player I was greeted by an entirely new player with the following "about" info. " CDS-200,Copyright(C) 2001-2003 Macrovision Europe Ltd - Portions utilize Microsoft Windows Media Technologies," I havent changed skins at least intentionally I haven't, I can no longer open a music Cd as a folder. When I try explore or open this player popopen. The only way to use WMP is to open it and then look for the CD drive under file. This may have come with Kaza Lite. Any ideas anyone.
peeby --P.S I have screen capture but no provision here to attach. Anybody keen I will send it to them.

  matt1234 19:11 02 Jan 2004

Ok kazza light may have caused this so try unistalling it and it might take it off with it!

or check in the unistall list to see if its thier and then remove it!

ok and the screen capter might be helpful!

And let me tell you a thing about kazza i had it and its all about when you go on the internet and some one is looking for music it scans the computer to see if youve got it. now i have a firewall and the firewall asked me do you want this program to have access i clicked yes and everything was ok for about 5 mins on the internet and then my firewall blocked all internet access because of a hacker of some sort had gone through kassa to reack havock on my machine! But luckily my machine was not damaged thanks to my firewall! :)

  anon1 19:19 02 Jan 2004

Kazaa can only allow folders you wish to share so unless you allowed the hard drive to be shared it is unlikely that was the problem. More like you allowed it to happen without realising it. Kazaa lite is having lots of problems right now and is almost certain to go down in the next few weeks. If you want to use kazaa then use the spyware version (full kazaa) but first get click here A great program that removes MOST of the spyware. A word of caution, NEVER open anything from kazaa without scanning for virus. You will also need to disable the supernode in kazaa options. Never allow anything through the firewall unless you are sure about it.

  peeby 19:23 02 Jan 2004

Forget Kaza if we may, where did this funnly and unwelcome player come from and is it connected with the fact that WMP is not recognised as the appropriate prog. to open .cda files. i.e. musice CD,s.

  leo49 19:29 02 Jan 2004

I don't reckon this has got anything to do with Kazaa at all - in fact the very opposite as Macrovision Europe Ltd are in the business of protecting cds/DVDs from being copied.

click here

Bought a copy-protected CD recently?

  peeby 19:42 02 Jan 2004

Thanks leo 49" should have gone to that site myself heh. Bougth 2 bootlegs in Barcelona, but new CD played for the first time yesterday, my head is bit wrecked at the moment, and as fas as I know the only new CD which was actually second hand was made in 1988. Trying to think which CD was in player when this player first reared it's head. Have to go now anyway.I'll try and think which. Thanks for the lead

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