Wingding symbols & Restore points

  Furkin 11:04 10 Oct 2011

Asus M4A78LT-M LE + Phenom II x 2 + 4Gb RAM + Win-7 Ult 32bit.

I am returning to a niggle that I had a couple of weeks ago. At the time, I thought that I’d buggered up my Windows Default Fonts. I was getting ‘wingding’ type symbols instead of fonts. When I searched PCA, I saw that several people had the same anomaly, which was brought about by downloading some program or other – or even updating Malwarebytes – which is what I had done.

This called for a Restore, but, when you can’t read anything on the screen, it’s a little difficult to do that (or anything else). I did manage it, but was surprised that there were only 3 Restore Points. I turned the System Protection for drive C: to ON. All was well,,, until this morning. I booted up, only to see right from the start that I had the same problem again. I then recalled updating Malwarebytes yesterday.

Again, I couldn’t see how to Restore, but luckily I had another computer to hand, so saw where the right buttons were, & did manage a restore. I was again surprised that there were only 3 restore points.

1: 10/10/11 Critical Update (Windows Update)

2: 10/10/11 System (Automatic Restore Point)

3: 06/10/11 Critical Update (Windows Update)

Obviously the two for today were no good, but luckily one was for the 6th Sept 2011, so I went with that.

The last time I looked into this, I manually made a couple of R.Points, and expected some automatic ones as well by now. None of my manual ones are now there, nor any more apart from the 3 above.

1/ Why does this specific (wingding) thing happen when we download certain items ?

2/ How can we stop it ?

3/ Why do I keep losing Restore Points (or is that now ‘normal’) ? In XP I used to have quite a list.

4/ How can I stop it ?

5/ For future reference, what is the difference between Critical & System when it come to a Restore ?

Many thanks

  northumbria61 11:38 10 Oct 2011

Your restore points are governed by the amount of disk space you allow for them and maybe you need to increase that amount. Right click Computer - Properties - System Protection Tab - Configure - Increase the amount - approx 5% should be a reasonable amount (you can increase that depending on the size of your HDD)

If you are using CCleaner regularly your restore points will be cleared apart from your last one which is preserved - but there is a way around that.

I think I subscribed to your Post about Wingdings - why they keep recurring I don't have an answer for at the moment.

  northumbria61 11:47 10 Oct 2011

Furkin - there is no substitute for having a good backup for your HDD. I don't use system restore because I have everything "cloned" but SR can be useful if you have no other means. It is ALWAYS a good idea to Create a Restore Point prior to installing any new software.

  Furkin 11:49 10 Oct 2011

Thanks again N61, Yep - you have helped on a number of occasions - thank you.

My Restore space was 1%, so have upped it to 5%.

I don't use CC a great deal nowadays. I clear my Temp files often - manually, and choose what cookies to clear - manually.

I'm itching to see what causes the wingding effect,,,, I can't go through this every time I update malwarebytes etc.

cheers for now.

  robin_x 11:50 10 Oct 2011

You should be able to get to Restore by tapping F8 repeatedly on boot.

Also available on W7 Repair Disc. If you haven't got one, it's a good idea to make one. (F key boot code can get corrupted)

  northumbria61 11:56 10 Oct 2011

My Restore space was 1%, so have upped it to 5%.

If you find that is sufficient for your needs then leave it at that or depending on how many points you wish to keep then increase/decrease as you wish. The earliest restore points "drop off" when the maximum limit is reached. Also it is now always advisable to have too many or should I say going too far back as they can become unstable.

  Sea Urchin 13:24 10 Oct 2011

If you are using CCleaner regularly your restore points will be cleared apart from your last one which is preserved - but there is a way around that.

Sorry northumbria61 but I must disagree - the above statement is not correct. Using the System Restore tab on CCleaner you have the option to delete any of the restore points (apart from the latest which is protected) but running the general program cleaner or registry cleaner certainly does not remove any restore points.

  Furkin 14:08 10 Oct 2011

Thanks guys, I do now have a Back Up - I think. I never used a specific B.U before my upgrade (it always seemed so simple to just Restore on XP & previous versions), but I bought a 1Tb Seagate hdd (E:) purely for back up.

Having said that, I don't know if I'm using it right.

I did a Windows Image when I first installed it, & as far as I know, is backing up automatically. Mind you, the E: drive has about 4 times more stuff on it than C: drive. (C: = 99Gb used. E: = 394Gb used).

E: has folders;-

Barry-PC -- dated 10/10/11 (bet you can’t guess my name ?!)

WindowsImageBackup -- dated 25/04/11 strong text MediaID.Bin -- dated 25/04/11. (file = 1kb).

  Furkin 14:10 10 Oct 2011

oooops,,,,, went a bit b4 I wuz ready !?

PS: are we limited to the amount of formatting on PCA ? As you see above, I was trying to 'bold' a couple more words, but kept getting strong text instead.

  robin_x 19:33 10 Oct 2011

You can only have one WindowsImageBackup per partition/location.

You can rename it. eg WindowsImageBackup2011-10-10 or whatever you want.

Mext time you make an image a new WindowsImageBackup is created.

If you didn't rename, the original is overwritten. It's best to have more than one, they do sometimes get corrupted and W7 has no checking/verify for its own images.

Note that 3rd party image backup apps are available such as Macrium Reflect Free, Easeus Todo free and Acronis True Image (pay).

These offer more functionality and flexibility compared to W7 Image and Backup.

Mounting W7 images, for example, to just get a folder or file, without a full restore, is officially not possible. (to do it, you have to unlock WindowsImageBackup and attach a vhd file within in Windows Disc Management. It's a bit of a faff)

  northumbria61 21:41 10 Oct 2011

Sea Urchin - Yes you are correct with regards to system restore tab Perhaps I did confuse the issue. My system restore in the past would be added to the Exclude Folder in Options which is somewhat different.

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