WinFax Pro v.10

  The Gaf 12:07 22 Mar 2003

I'm considering purchasing this software. Not being a "buff", will it work with broadband? I'm a homeuser with only one phone line, I'm with Pipex with Speedtouch 330 modem, and my o/s is Win 2000 Pro. Will the software work?

  Forum Editor 12:12 22 Mar 2003

on a broadband connection - a fax goes as an analogue transmission, and broadband is a digital technology.

Having said that, your Pipex connection shares the single phone line, and you'll be able to send analogue faxes down the line via a normal analogue modem - the one you used before you had the Pipex ADSL service. Most people keep the internal modem when they convert to broadband - just in case - and all you need to do is tell Winfax Pro to use that modem for outbound and inbound fax transmissions during the configuration part of the setup procedure.

  Lozzy 12:16 22 Mar 2003

No it will not work on BB. WinFax or any other fax sending software can only send faxes via the modem. Unless you use a Cable BB then to send a fax you will need to switch the cables. I may be proved wrong about this but I think I am right in what I am saying..

  anchor 12:48 22 Mar 2003

As stated before, you can only send faxes via your ordinary 56k modem.

I have Pipex broadband with a USB Alcatel ADSL modem. The connecting lead for this is plugged into the appropriate socket of the microfilter. The lead from the inbuilt modem of the PC plugged into a dual adaptor on the phone connection socket. The other socket of the dual adaptor is connected to a phone. This works fine.

Obviously, I cannot use the phone when sending or receiving faxes. I use Winfax Pro v.10, which is very good, and there are some free fax software programmes around, although I have not tried them.

  Dobba 12:52 22 Mar 2003

I have just gone over to Broadband - is this why the built in fax with Windows XP won't work?

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