WinFax 9 v USB ??

  Furkin 09:04 01 Jun 2004

Hi all, I have been running my XP Home based machine using WinFax Pro9 & a new Konica 1300w Laser Printer. All was well when using the serial connection of the printer,,, but since I put on the USB lead, I seem to have a conflict.
When I boot the machine, I get the usual Minolta Menu, which I have to disable every time (a pain at the best of times, which Minolta say cannot be stopped ???) but now I also get a black screen,,, & Winfax wants to go through part of the 'Install/Set-up' procedure again. Once done,,, things run o.k (I think !!) Does anyone know if this is a known fault please ?
Does anyone know a direct email address for Symantec support for this product please ?
I have uninstalled Winfax & re installed several times.
thanks all

  anchor 19:47 01 Jun 2004

I have Winfax 10, a Samsung Laser printer connected to parallel port, and a Epson Inkjet connected to a USB port. The modem for fax is an normal 56k internal one.

Never had the problem you describe. Is your fax modem an external USB model?.

  Furkin 08:51 02 Jun 2004

Hi Anchor,
thanks for the reply. The Modem is an internal one - V92. I don't have anything else that is USB,,, ('cept the new printer).
Everything was working well untill I put the USB connection into the permutation.

  Cesar 10:47 02 Jun 2004

I have AOL 9.0 and BB the external USB Modem I use for the web, and the 56K Modem for faxing I also have WinFaxPro 10.0 and never had any problems. click on the file menu in word or excel and see if WinFaxPro is listed then click on print and when the window opens look in the printers that are listed.

  Cesar 09:59 04 Jun 2004

Try uninstalling WinFaxPro and install your printer first, then install WinFaxPro see if this helps.

  Stuartli 10:23 04 Jun 2004

Do you have a separate power supply for the Epsom or use a powered USB port/hub?

Just plugging into a USB port won't work without the printer also being properly powered.

  ventanas 10:37 04 Jun 2004

Could be that WinFax 9 predates XP. I used this version on '98, but when I got the XP Machine had to move on to version 10. I recall that the Symantec site was clear about this at the time.

  anchor 14:13 04 Jun 2004

I think ventanas is correct. Winfax Pro 9 is not supported by Win 2000, (which probably also means Win-XP).


WinFax PRO 9.0 was designed specifically for Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows NT 4.0. Running WinFax PRO 9.0x under Windows 2000 is not recommended nor supported by Symantec.

  Furkin 16:05 04 Jun 2004

Thanks all for the replies.
You are correct in that v9 wouldn't work with W2000. It has though, been working well enough on this machine (XP-Home) before I put on the USB lead.
It also works on my 'stand by' machine (XP-Pro)
CESAR: Yes I have installed WinFax afterwards,,, several times.
STUARTLI: I have most of my desktop items running through a 6 gang trailing socket (though it's screwed under the desk) This gives me ONE switch to kill everything.
Again, all was well,,,, until the dreaded USB lead was installed.
I have also removed the lead at one stage, but I still get the problems now,,,, & I also have to have USB ports for other stuff in the future.
Thanks to everyone so far.

  ventanas 17:06 04 Jun 2004

Still think it's a conflict with the driver for the new printer and theprinter driver for Winfax9. Version 9 is not for XP, but the problem was only highlighted when a USB printer was installed. I can't think of any other reason.

Also there were originally two versions of Winfax10. A second was released to make it compatible with XP as the first didn't work properly. I have both of them in front of me now. Both say WinFax10 on the disc, but the labels are quite different. One manual mentions XP and the other does not.

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