WinFAX 10 abysmal with XP?

  Brian-336451 09:03 04 May 2005

I've been fiddling again and dug out an old CD of WinFAX 10 I'd bought in the USA some 3-4 years back.

Frankly I was influenced by the advertising in the Symantec website and needed to fax recently.

Now this is where it gets odd. Winfax 10 is NOT compatible with XP, but Winfax IS compatible with XP hmmm.

It transpires that version 10.0 is NOT yet version 10.2 IS, however if you wish to upgrade (note it's 10.2 not 11.0) you have to part with around $50 to do so.

I then trawled around the internet and looked at Amazon etc etc and the customer feedback states that the respondents were still having major problems with the machine hanging etc etc.

Symantec have countered with 10.3 but apparently there is an immense amount of negative feedback on that too.

The upshot of this is I've delved and installed two even older fax programmes, MightyFax and SuperVoice (for XP and version 2.2) both cost considerably less than WinFAX and both work.

My question IS, what is going on? Are there people out there running XP (PRo in my case) with WinFAX 10 (which version) without problems?

The other problem people are running into is an inability to clear out the programme because the installation requests that you Uninstall a previous version before this will install - yet there is NO uninstall option available (familiar territory with Symantec applications which used to be SO good in Windows 3.x and 9x).

So the respondents (plenty of them) are stuck with a programme that won't install properly and when it does, it doesn't work.


  anchor 09:46 04 May 2005

I have been using Winfax 10.0 with XP for about 18 months without problems. I recall some time ago, LiveUpdate did install soemthing, (can

  anchor 09:48 04 May 2005

Sorry, about the incomplete first part.

I was going to say that I cannot recall what was installed with Live Update.

  Stuartli 12:50 04 May 2005

Why not use XP's own excellent fax program (as with all previous Windows versions)?

It can be installed from Add/Remove Programs and then opening Add/Remove Windows Components.

  Furkin 13:18 04 May 2005

Hi Not That,
I bought WinFax 9 when it first came out, to use with W95, & was bowled over by it. I've never seen or used a better Fax Program. When I upgraded to w98,,, all was well,,, but when i went to W2000 it wouldn't work. I asked Symantec if they did an upgrade, but they wanted me to buy another 'full' version (10), but I told 'em to place it neatly where the sun don't shine.
When I got XP (both Home & Pro) I tried the old v9 again,,, & it works fine with both !
I still think it's the bee’s bendy bits,,, might be worth a bit of Percy Verance (I did see a patch for this,,, but didn’t need it)
Good Luck

  Brian-336451 08:49 05 May 2005

I've binned WinFAX altogether. Yet another Symantec program I don't use anymore - don't know what's going on there at all.

I've also got a very early version when it was Delrina Communications Suite (I think) - that was good.

I used to use WinFAX under Win98 and it was superb, so it's a loss really. But who needs buggy software - I cause enough of my OWN problems without suffering theirs.

I've migrated to SuperVoice 2.6 (I'd a copy of SuperVoice 2.2 which came with a now defunct external modem).

Simply it does what it says on the can and acts as an answerphone as well. It automatically differentiates between data and voice calls as well.

Stuartli - thanks, I've been using Windows own for some time as a 'stop gap', trouble is I find it a bit clumsy (which is an excuse for saying I haven't learned how to use it properly). I want to be able to use my scanner to fax the result and don't know how to do that in Windows without creating a bitmap that needs attaching etc etc.

I can really recommend SuperVoice, the speed is stunning and 'acts' like it's in a DOS environment (it's in an orthodox window by the way, but loads and acts really quickly - bliss)

  pritch the stitch 10:42 12 Nov 2005

I have posted queries relating to WinFax v9 and memory unlocking with no success. Having read your post I remembered the old version that came with US robotics modems but the best reasons for using Winfax were the use of the Outlook phone book and being able to set up faxes for sending in a week or so ie. payment notifications paid by BCS while I am away. Does S/v v2.6 do that?
I have a BVRP fax programme which works well but only in the present tense.

  Cesar 09:31 13 Nov 2005

See If this will here

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