windowsME re-install without wiping data

  Xevious 15:07 20 Jun 2003

can anyone plz tell me the command to re-run the WinME installation, replacing corrupt system files?

working on a pc that had over 10,000 virus infected files!!! (not mine but a colleague who didn't have AV obviously) but has lots of data...etc, wanted to see if i could re-install windows without wiping... (have already removed / repaired infected files)

second option will be to back-up data...etc but want to try reinstall first


c:\windows\options\cabs\setup.exe will reinstal the system but it would be foolish not to backup your files first.

  Xevious 16:05 20 Jun 2003

thx, but that only does a simple re-install and in most cases in the past i have found this to be ineffective, almost as if the installation sees the file there, so doesn't replace it...

there must be a switch to use at the end of the setup command (eg /-r) or something like that?

your suggestion is also assuming that the pc has all the cab files in that location, mostly placed there by companies selling pc's pre-built, all this is is a copy of what's on the windows setup cd...

thx anyway

any other ideas on these switches?

  anchor 19:52 20 Jun 2003

Have you got a full Win-Me disk, or one of those restore discs?.

  Brisixty 00:17 21 Jun 2003

Hi, You must have a FULL Win-ME Setup disc for this to work.........
1. Left click - MY COMPUTER
2. Put Win-ME Full Setup disc in CD-ROM drive.
3. Press SHIFT Key to prevent Auto Boot.
4. RIGHT click - on your CD-ROM drive letter and
5. Look through the files and LEFT click on -
6. WIN-ME will now reinstall over it's self
keeping all your files and original setup
This will not work if you let the disc AUTO BOOT.(I don't know why that is.)
I had to do this today because of errors in OUTLOOK EXPRESS and WINDOWS EXPLORER. It worked ok.
I accept no responsibility for this advice. I know it worked for me, but you must decide for your self wether to try it or not. The same works for WIN98 and 98SE by the way. If you try it ...
Best of luck. Have a nice one and hope this helps you out.



  philwane 07:13 21 Jun 2003

Tried the above this morning and it worked for me

  Xevious 13:20 21 Jun 2003

thx all, i was aware that this could be done but just wondered if there were any switches you could add, but guess not neccessary!

i did the above last night and all seemed to work quite nicely!

thx for your help


  robin2dogs 13:46 21 Jun 2003

Do you know if your solution works on XP?
I did a re-install this week but did'nt know the trick of not letting the cd rom autorun so now I've got a clean installation with none of my old settings,data,apps,etc!I know they're still there somewhere because I can see them in windows explorer but I have no idea how to get them back.Any suggestions please.

  Brisixty 17:08 27 Jun 2003

Hi Robin2dogs,

Sorry late reply, been away visiting mother.
Sorry, can't say if it will work on Windows XP as
I have only used up to Win ME. I can't see why not
but there again remembering that OS's up to Win ME uses FAT32 and most users install Win XP as NTFS. If
Win Xp was installed Fat32 I should think it will work, but NTFS is another matter, can't say.
Hope this is better late than never !!



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