windowpane 16:56 31 Aug 2005

Can anyone shed light on the problems I am having,I downloaded avast antivirus and sygate personal firewall, all seemed alright, when I now go to print in outlook express 6 the button appears for the printer, but when pressed nothing happens, I updated to media player 9 when it came out, everything worked well, now it has stopped working, I rolled it back to the original player, tried a download again, same thing happened, up flashes the yellow triangle with"an internal error has occurred" no player, rolled it back to the original again and the old player functions,has microsoft included a generic code in its products that stops them working? the same thing happened with the Internet explorer6 upgrade it too stopped working, and I had to install mozilla Firefox to regain my internet connections.

  Diemmess 18:09 31 Aug 2005

You seem to be asking rather a lot from 98SE. In retrospect it might have been wise to back track at the first hint of trouble

Have you tried the quick-fix of" scanreg /restore "assuming the trouble is only a day or two old?

  Wak 18:34 31 Aug 2005

I have Sygate, Avast, Media player and Real player on Win 98SE plus umpteen other programs and they all work fine together.
I suggest that you go to Start/ Run type SFC in the box and click OK.
This will run you System File Checker and check if any system Files are missing or corrupt.
You may need your Win 98 CD disc.
You could also go to Start/ Programs/ Accessories/ System Tools/ System Information and run the Internet Explorer Repair tool (first program in the drop down menu).
Hope this may help.

  windowpane 17:16 01 Sep 2005

Thanks guys for your replies, will try what you suggest, here`s hoping!

  windowpane 17:48 05 Sep 2005

Many thanks wak, your suggestions have done the trick.

  Wak 18:41 05 Sep 2005

Glad you're up and running again.
I've installed WinXP for others but I prefer to stick with the old Win 98SE.

  Stuartli 19:00 05 Sep 2005

My best mate's business system is still on Windows 98SE (some of the programs he uses are DOS based as they are still the best for his purposes).

He's got pretty well everything on it but (98 per cent of the time) it runs as smoothly as you could wish.

The one spot of trouble he's had recently I cured with scanreg /restore after his business partner upset the applecart whilst he was away on holiday.

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