Windows98 start up poser.

  maa970f 13:49 28 Apr 2003

If I click on Restart windows does not fully load, I end up with a blank screen but my external devices (San Sisk card Reader, Alcatel USB ADSL modem, Creative webcam) all indicate on.
If I then reboot with the reset button and then when the 'Windows didn't load properly' Menu, I select Bootlog.txt it usually loads correctly. So it is not huge problem but very agravating. I have a couple of Windows help books but they are not sufficiently deep to cover this sort of problem, can any one suggest a book that covers the technical aspects of PC's. Any suggestions with the problem or a source of information would be appreciated. (I have followed the Windows troubleshooting route.)

  spikeychris 13:59 28 Apr 2003

Try this, type msconfig into run and click Advanced. Place a check mark in the box next to “Disable fast shutdown.” This slows the shutdown and restart options enough so that the drive can cache correctly.

Quote >> (I have followed the Windows troubleshooting route.) thats a route to stay clear of...its just above being useless..


  maa970f 14:13 28 Apr 2003

Thanks for that Chris, but that box is already checked.

  spikeychris 14:21 28 Apr 2003

click here and have a jolly good read...


  maa970f 06:53 29 Apr 2003

Hello Chris,
Thank you for that link, I'm still working through it, very comprehensive. What I find is that it is not consistant, it usually loads with the bootlog option (or step by step) but not always and I have to do a reboot. From the bootlog I find that a particular dll often fails to load so I have replaced that file from my Win98 disc; haven't shut down since though. I only shut down because I find that my system gets very sluggish when left on for a few days.

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