windows7 upgrade

  project 90 19:14 19 Jul 2009

hi people, my girlfriend was thinking of getting a laptop from currys she would like to spend around £450 if any reccomendations.

But my main question is about the upgrade to windows 7 from vista does any 1 know if this has to go on the laptop? i was wanting to try it on my pc as i am on vista thought i could just pop it on here and give her my code for my vista and leave vista on the lap top?

if that makes sense to any one just leave your answers :) thanks alot

  Ashrich 23:25 19 Jul 2009

I have used an HP Vista upgrade disk on an Fujitsu Siemens laptop before without any problems .


  project 90 20:44 20 Jul 2009

hmmm so it should work :D

  GaT7 21:25 20 Jul 2009

"does any 1 know if this has to go on the laptop?" - strictly speaking, yes as it is meant for the laptop.

Note that the laptop will come with an OEM license which isn't really transferable to another system.

If your Vista license is OEM too, then the same rule applies. G

  sharpamat 12:02 21 Jul 2009

I Think this will require an expert to answer because it will clearly become a grey area

whilst you are buying a laptop with an OEM system the upgrade to Win 7 is an extra

it will depend on the wording and the actual software as to if OEM and upgrade, or full version

I would say check with Microsoft and if it is OK then retain any email confirming it.

It will be on intrest I am sure to amay people

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