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  User-178362 03:22 04 Mar 2006

Could someone explain to me what exactly is Windows XP? The way the system works? The hardware? I have XP and Windows 97. My PC is 2 years old. 97 is very old for a new PC. Maybe the retailer thought She doesn't no much about PC so they put an old version of Word on thinking they could get away with it. I have been in touch with the retailer and they are going to send me Word 2000. That is what I am on at my class. Do you think I should have had Word XP from the start? When I bought the PC I thought I was getting all the latest software. What I would like from you is to know what is the difference between XP, and Microsoft Word, also your opinion on what I should have had in word please. If I read it often enough maybe I might understand. Hopefully, but I know I am not on my own trying to understand this.

  AndySD 04:37 04 Mar 2006

I am a little confused myself here so I will do my best.

Windows and Word are two different things;

Windows is the operaing system and runs the pc (it tells all the componants how to work together) and as you have Windows XP you have the latest version.

Word is a program called a text editor that creates text documents. Now here comes the problem Word 97 is a good text editor and for most people they will not need more than it can do. They are now sending you Word 2000 that does the same but with some extra bells and whistles most of which you will never use. As for getting Word XP you probably would'nt notice the difference from Word 2000 unless you had the full Office program.

The 97, 2000 and XP just tell you the version of the program you are using.

My personal opinion is that they should have supplied you with Word 2000 in the first place but since they are now getting it to you its not worth grumbling about, and since this is the version you are learning on at school its the best one to stick with.

  Jackcoms 11:34 04 Mar 2006

"My personal opinion is that they should have supplied you with Word 2000"

Or better still Word (or MS Office) 2003 which is the latest available version.

  User-178362 13:38 04 Mar 2006

Thank you for the info, I have just got in. I have received the disk Office 2000. I am hoping this is what I need.

  palinka 22:50 05 Mar 2006

sea princess XP Pro, what AndySD has written explains it all. The names of programs, operating systems, etc, are very confusing.
Office 2000 is fine but you will find little difference from Office 97. Both consist of a set of programs including Word, Excel, etc. etc. You don't really need the latest version, but now you've bought it, enjoy!

  User-178362 21:57 13 Mar 2006

Thank you for your replies.

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