windows xp wont load

  denis93c 17:55 06 Aug 2005

i have a computer,which will not boot,so i replaced the hard drive,same problem it says "boot failure" even after going in,in safe mode to do xp setup,it get to one screen saying at the top "windows setup" at the bottom of the screen it says "setup is loading files (windows executive)..." thats it ,it sticks there,anybody know what might be wrong?

  Zaphod Beeblebrox 18:23 06 Aug 2005

ifyou are trying to reinstall windows

1st back up any files you want to external media
cd dvd etc

restsrt windows and go into the bios

set cd rom to 1st bootable device exit save changes

insert cd reboot and follw on screen instructions

  denis93c 18:39 06 Aug 2005

i like ur name mate,i have already tried that though.

  Taff36 18:43 06 Aug 2005

Have you tried entering the bios and resetting to factory defaults.

  howard60 19:08 06 Aug 2005

make sure no usb cables are plugged in and try booting again. If usb is not the problem you will have to remove all cables from accessories and see if it attempts to boot. This sort of fault often comes down to a faulty memory strip. If more than 1 remove all the others and try the one strip in each memory slot. If no joy try a different strip.

  denis93c 19:38 06 Aug 2005

no usb cables connected,just one memory slot used.
also now i am getting message after factory reset, "insert atapi cd-rom"

  woodchip 19:59 06 Aug 2005

check the cpu fan is doing what it's supposed to

  denis93c 20:05 06 Aug 2005

how do i do that?

  denis93c 20:08 06 Aug 2005

this is not my pc its second hand ,is it possible some cables or some-ting is not properly connected?
i am trying to fix it for my sister who bought it.

  Dorsai 20:12 06 Aug 2005

If it's asking for the factory reset disk, try giving it the disk when it asks.


  woodchip 20:13 06 Aug 2005

take the side of your computer to check the cpu fan is turning and turning without noise and running fast enough. you could also try a desk fan pointing into case while you try loading windows

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