Windows XP wiped out few times on harddrive

  barnettgs 19:59 08 Mar 2004

My friend has his Windows XP fresh installed for a third time in a year after windows xp wiped out on his harddrive every time. Could it be due to some virus or harddrive problem? When I looked at his computer, Windows XP wasn't present in his harddrive but this harddrive has 2 partitions..the first partition where windows xp files were sitting, wiped out but 2nd partition is ok with all his personal files etc still sitting there. I know about his browsing habit with some adult sites but could they have caused this problem? He has a broadband.

Anyone knows or seen this problem before? Thanks

  Paranoid Android 20:33 08 Mar 2004

Windows XP is normally pretty robust. Is the primary partition FAT32 or NTFS ? When you say you 'looked' at his computer, how did you start it ?

It almost sounds like he has an NTFS primary and a FAT32 secondary, and you cannot see the OS because it is NTFS.

I may be on the wrong track though.


  barnettgs 23:17 08 Mar 2004

Yes, Windows XP was on NTFS primary and a FAT32 secondary but it worked fine until it happens...

I have checked primary to see if Windows XP system files exists there but missing.

However, I have changed it to FAT32 during Windows XP set up installing hope it will not happen again

  Totally-braindead 23:43 08 Mar 2004

Strangely enough I just read about a couple of people who had their Windows XP obliterated from their hard drive. They were using DVD writing software from 321 studios namely DVD Rescue, seemingly if you run out of hard disk space while copying a dvd it writes over parts of the hard drive forcing you to do a full reinstall. This may or may not be your problem but its interesting, can't say I've ever heard of a computer program doing this before, usually if a program runs out of space it just aborts the program and informs you that you haven't enough space. But if this program can do this and personally I've got my doubts about what these people said on the Forum, then there is a chance that some other program could do the same. If you want to read about it do a Google search for the 321 studios forum that is where I read it. Incidently 321 studios have just lost a court case and can no longer distribute their copying software as it stands they have had to rewrite it without the ripping part of it as it gets past most copy protection, but the Forums are still open.

  tafoody 00:21 09 Mar 2004

there was a problem with nero6, which unless updated could wipe C:\ drive, click here

  barnettgs 00:28 09 Mar 2004

Hmmm, that could be it!

My friend computer doesn't have DVD burner, just CD burner with Nero 6 in it. That must have explained it but he haven't touched any settings in Nero 6?

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