Windows XP wants to update at every close down?

  torroxtown 14:57 18 Jan 2009

Some time ago following a Windows update my unit shows that I have an update waiting for install.
I have installed it dozens of times upon switch off but it still remains .
It makes no difference to the comp but I am intrigued as to why it willnot disappear after installation.
I have restored to a few earlier dates but still it remains.
Anybody any ideas please???

  kindly 15:04 18 Jan 2009

when the update comes on check and write down the number of it then go into add/remove programs to see if it is in there (usually near the bottom). If it is you dont need to have it. If that is the case, when you do an update just uncheck that one so not to download it again. This is what happened to me once on a update.
If it is not there download it then come of line and stop your antivirus then install it if you are happy to do that. As long as it is from microsoft web site that is. Hope this is a bit of help for you.

  ambra4 15:04 18 Jan 2009

Download this program Dial-a-fix v0.60.0.24 it should fix your problem

Dial A Fix primary philosophy is to fix problems by setting various things back to their

original Microsoft defaults

This tool is ordinarily meant for technicians, and administrators

click here

Unzip and Double Click on the exe file

Click the green tick button click GO

  woodchip 15:06 18 Jan 2009

Why not set it to Manual Updates as all mine are then do it when you want and how you want to update it, I do Custom updates

  Sea Urchin 15:11 18 Jan 2009

If you go to Windows Update you can click on Review Update History - that will show you when it has tried to install and if it was successful or failed. Take a note of the number (KB??????) and post it here, and somebody will guide you as to how to deal with it.

  torroxtown 16:04 18 Jan 2009

Thanks for help----the update is for MS Silverlight and is KB957938

I have tried removing Silverlight via the control panel add/remove but am informed that it is not possible?

  birdface 19:39 18 Jan 2009

Removing or stopping Silverlight.Run Microsoft updates manually.And when Silverlight comes up tick the little + box beside it to open it up.Then tick the box do not show this update again.And you will not be bothered again.

  torroxtown 21:50 18 Jan 2009

Thanks Buteman your tip worked

  birdface 09:46 19 Jan 2009

Ok.If you are happy the way it is.If you tick the little square and press resolved it saves others from looking.

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