Windows XP validation

  dd456 22:46 20 Aug 2007

I have been getting a message on my PC saying that I don't have a genuine copy of windows, I have a legal product key which I have entered and validated but I keep getting the error and now I can't get Windows updates. How an I get rid of the message and download updates without formatting and reinstalling windows?

  brundle 22:47 20 Aug 2007

Give Microsoft a call; 0800 015 1135

  emma73 22:57 20 Aug 2007

This can happen if you have been changing (upgrading) components - Windows validation thinks its a different computer. If you phone the number above and confirm that you only have windows intalled on one PC (assuming that is the case) it will issue you a new code to enter to validate again. No need to reinstall - indeed it might not help anyway.

  Jim Thing 23:04 20 Aug 2007

are giving good advice. I fitted a new motherboard recently and validated it with Microsoft by phone. Absolutely no problem, all done and dusted in five minutes.

  lotvic 23:41 20 Aug 2007

if it's not due to new hardware being fitted which I doubt it is (as that would be an Activation problem not Validation) have a read of click here

also this pca thread Windows Genuine Advantage click here

if all else fails there's a tool you can download to remove WGA's blue star in sys tray click here from majorgeeks

  lotvic 13:55 21 Aug 2007

so, are we talking Validation or Activation?

  Marko797 17:02 21 Aug 2007

Similar happened to me on installing a new hard drive, but occurred when I put my Office software. Failed wga so had to take the steps mentioned here.

  Lithium 19:26 21 Aug 2007

AHhh dont download WGA its a deathtrap. Wont let you do anything if validation fails.

  Totally-braindead 19:45 21 Aug 2007

If validation fails Lithium a few minutes on the phone, assumming its a legal copy, will get it sorted so theres no major problem there.
I've only had to phone them once and ok it was a bit long winded with the serial number etc but as long as it happens once in a blue moon I can live with that.
I've reinstalled windows on hundreds of computers and have had to make one phone call - not that bad is it?
I don't think Windows Genuine Advantage is any sort of "deathtrap" and am puzzled as to why you would say that. There have been a few genuine users who have had to make a phone call as there was something wrong with the validation but that doesn't make it a deathtrap.

  Lithium 20:29 21 Aug 2007

Okay just to give you an idea of why its the devil. My grandfather installed some third party software, on the next reboot he got the dreaded white box of doom. I had to go through the registry and clear off the startup reference so that he could use it normally. It was perfectly legal and windows had never been reinstalled. No hardware was added.

  dd456 21:17 21 Aug 2007

Thanks all,

I called MS and had it resolved in few minutes. Theblue star has dissapeared and I can download and install updates

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