windows xp user accounts - not wamted!

  bigdavey 08:35 13 Apr 2008

My computer has 4 accounts at startup, me, my wife and the 2 kids, we are asked to log into our account at startup, log off/switch user etc etc....

i don't want all that rubbish, how can i get rid of all of these accounts?

(microsoft being ott with "helpful" features you don't want!)

cheers all


  rawprawn 08:43 13 Apr 2008
  birdface 10:40 13 Apr 2008
  tullie 11:24 13 Apr 2008

Dont blame microsoft,you created the accounts

  bigdavey 15:39 13 Apr 2008

thanks for the links, i have deleted all the accounts but my own. but, now when i boot up i still get a window with my name asking for a password. obviously i just click "ok" and i am in, but i don't want this screen to come on.

apart from anything else, if the system restarts in the middle of, say installing some software, i may have left the room for half an hour and the installation can't continue as it is waiting for me to click "ok"

i wonder how can i get rid of my own account, or change the boot up so it just gets rid of the interfeering screen!

thanks again


  MAT ALAN 15:40 13 Apr 2008

* Click Start, Run, and enter control userpasswords2 .
* Clear the check box captioned Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer.
* Click OK.
* Enter the user name and password for the account you want to log in to at start-up.

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