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  User-8B1DD897-1B43-4A20-88BAD07029387E14 16:54 04 Jun 2004

I have an old PC that was running Win98SE. I had been having alot of problems with it so I thought I would reformat the hard drive and install XP. Having reformatted the HD using win98 boot disk I installed minimum possible 98 and then upgraded this with XP Upgrade disk. The result is a computer that seems fine until I want to connect to the internet. Once online my computer give me a countdown warning note and reboots after a few minutes! How can I get a stable OS back on my computer without paying out £160 for a full version of XP?

  AndySD 16:58 04 Jun 2004

You have probably got Sasser or Blaster download the removal tools and put them on floppys then run them on the pc click here sasser click here blaster.

  Djohn 17:00 04 Jun 2004

Nothing to do with XP upgrade. You have a virus, probably "Blaster" others will recommend the way to remove.

Best way to install XP upgrade is as you would with a full version. Insert the XP disk and boot from that. XP will format your drive and install the full O/S the only difference is because it's an upgrade it will ask you to insert your 98se disk to see that you qualify for the upgrade. j.

  VoG II 17:01 04 Jun 2004

Sounds like you've got sasser worm or one of its variants click here

Start, Run, type in

shutdown -a

and click OK to stop it from shutting down.

Get the Microsoft patch click here

Run Stinger click here


When I install the upgrade it keeps the old OS elsewhere on the HD. How do I get just XP on there. Also if I reformat again will that wipe off the viruses?

  Mister Splendid 17:07 04 Jun 2004

Having upgraded my pc a lot recently I have to reinstall Windows XP several times. Each time I have had the same problem. In my case every time it has been ws.welchia.worm. there is a removal tool at click here and many others too. Get all the security updates from Windows Update and it will not come back.

  Djohn 17:12 04 Jun 2004

Yes, if you format again it will remove the virus.

Follow VoG's instructions first though and download the patch and stinger, save them to a CD or pen drive if you have one or separate hard drive.

Go into BIOS and make your CD drive the first boot drive. Reboot with the XP disk in the drive and follow instructions for a format/install.

The first time you see the message "Press any key to continue" Do so but XP will reboot two more times during the install and you will see the same message again.

This time DO NOT press any key, let windows reboot itself and it will do so from the hard drive. If you do press "Any key" you will find yourself in an endless loop of install/reboot. Then install the patch from Microsoft before going on-line.

Up-grade version is exactly the same as the full version just requires a check of your qualifying CD to install.

Thanks to you all for quick responses you have been a great help. Any ideas about how to have only XP on my HD without the old OS stored in the background?

Also I can't get my browser to go to Just won't find it. Is this because of the virus? Will reformatting the drive remove the viruses? (I have nothing on the computer except the OS at the moment so it's no great loss.

sorry just posted before seeing djohn's response

  Djohn 17:49 04 Jun 2004

Yes, the virus may be blocking symantic site.

If you can't store the patch and Stinger anywhere then your other option is to format/install XP and go straight to Microsoft site for the patch and also stinger. VoG has provided both links and instructed you how to stay on line long enough to download both.

Once downloaded come offline. install the patch and run stinger to remove anything you may have picked up in the down load.

You must also turn off system restore to be able to remove any virus from your system then turn it back on again. To turn off sys. restore

Right click My Computer Icon/properties and click on the system restore tab, place a tick in the box and OK your way out. Do the reverse to turn back on again.

Install your firewall, if you use one and update your anti virus files. Also once you feel all is OK go on line and do a free scan from here it will remove anything it finds. click here

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