Windows XP Upgrade Disk

  Ollieole 14:05 08 Jun 2005

Hi all

Wonder if you could just clarify something for me

I have an old PC (P3 800MHz, 512 Mb RAM) using W98SE and am looking to upgrade to XP by way of a complete re-install

If I buy the upgrade disk do I need to install W98SE and then upgrade it to XP or can I load XP straight away and directly from the disk i.e. will it just ask me to insert the old 98SE disk to check I am allowed the upgrade and then install XP or does it only install on top of W98

Many thanks


  Djohn 14:15 08 Jun 2005

I did the exact same thing you want to do last year.

Insert the XP disk and format your drive then carry on with the install of XP. At some stage you will see a message on-screen asking you to remove the XP disk and insert your 98 disk for verification.

Once checked, [30 seconds] you will be asked to remove the 98 disk, insert your xp disk to carry on with the new install.

Upgrade XP disk is exactly the same as the full retail version, no difference at all except that you have to own and during the install insert your qualifying disk to be checked.

So, yes, your correct, do a clean install with XP upgrade, and during this install, insert the 98 disk to show you have the qualifying disk.

  961 14:16 08 Jun 2005

You will need either the 98se disk for checking, or the code from that disk

You'll be able to either install fresh or upgrade your existing system

I should check on the Microsoft web site to allow the xp section to check your computer's hardware to see what may not work and what may need new drivers. It will do the same for your existing software

Perhaps others here can comment on the sort of speed xp will run at on an 800MHz system

  sicknote 14:24 08 Jun 2005

Maybe worth also looking around for windows software,As you may be able to buy WindowsXP (full) OEM version if you buy some hardware with it for the price of the upgrade version

  sicknote 14:27 08 Jun 2005
  Ollieole 18:21 08 Jun 2005

Thanks for the responses. I thought that was the case but just wanted to be sure.

Cost of OEM is about the same as the Upgrade but as I don't need any hardware that would allow the sale of an OEM version I may as well just get the upgrade version - or would RAM qualify as I was planning to upgrade 512Mb to 1Gb??

  DieSse 18:26 08 Jun 2005

RAM would probably qualify - but there is this difference betweem OEM and a Retail upgrade.

The OEM licence gives you no support from MS, and it should be linked to a specific system, and in theory cannot be sold on.

The retail versions don't have either of these restrictions.

  ventanas 22:34 08 Jun 2005

As already said the upgrade disc is a full version, it just has a flag to request the qualifying media early in the process. Once installed you will not need the Win98 again, even if you reformat and reinstall with the XP upgrade cd. It will find the existing installation and run as though it was the "full" version. So go for a retail upgrade and avoid all the pitfalls of OEM.

  Zebrapec 22:46 08 Jun 2005

My system is only 333MHz, and I think it runs fast, due to the fact that as I have had win 98 for 6 years this xp seems fast to me.
By the way I used the xp upgrade version on top of the win 98, but have left the win 98 on, for some reason that I cannot remember now.
I know that the only reason I went from 98 to xp was that my broadband would not install unless it had win98 SE as min. requirements, and the price difference was about £20.

  dan11 23:02 08 Jun 2005

Windows oem £56.98 ( yes memory will do)click here

Windows upgrade disk £81.04 click here

OEM can only be put on one computer, the computer must be formatted and you can not re-sell it.

  Djohn 00:40 09 Jun 2005

OEM should stay with the PC it was bought for, any bit of hardware that is required to use your PC qualifies. Although you should not install the OEM version to another PC according to the EULA it will work and activate on as many computers as you wish to use it on, providing of course that you have removed it from the others first and only use it on one PC at any one time.

OEM version is always your best option, Retail does of course keep your completly within the EULA if you intend to use it on another PC, but forget the support bit, You only get 2 sessions with Microsoft over the phone, then you pay for all others at a price of £190.00 plus VAT for each session.

I doubt very much there will ever be a time that you will need to contact Microsoft for help with the O/S [Operating system] So, save your money and buy the OEM version.

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