Windows XP upgrade

  Hels 16:58 04 Jun 2003

I have been trying to upgrade my friends computer from Win 98 to XP Pro. I don't want to do a 'clean' install as she has alot of info on her PC and no back up hardware.
I have put the XP disk in and it has started up no problem, as it gets the info from the system and then re-boots its self for the first time it re-starts with the Windows XP logo on the screen and after about a minute the hard drive seems to'trip' its self and the Windows XP screen goes blank and it won't do anything else. I have tried several times and the same thing happens each time......... I have to 'reset' the computer and then cancel the installation to get it back to Win 98.
Any idea's what the problem might be????

  barrie_g 17:47 04 Jun 2003

have you tested for compatability of hardware/software, there's something here about it though its quite near the bottom there may be other things that you want to look at click here

  ardvarc 17:52 04 Jun 2003

It is possible that there are too many hard/software conflicts for XP to install properly over the top. Also the BIOS date could be too old to accept XP. Many reasons. Personally I would save my pennies for a relatively cheap backup system or a second drive and either ask in here or do a search for all driver updates. If you could give us more information on her system will help. This is only one answer, no doubt there will be others more qualified than I to help.

  Hels 18:23 04 Jun 2003

Yes I did a check of the system before installing and there were only very minor software problems. Her system is about 3 years old and I have managed to back up her Documents files using a Pocki Drive and then storing them on my system. She has had big problems with her PC as it keeps crashing, hence the upgrade. Do you think I would have fewer problems if I went for a 'clean' install. Did that with my PC as I formated my drive and got rid of all the rubbish.

  misery 19:49 04 Jun 2003

A clean install or an installation on a different partition will certainly be the best solution. It maybe there will be slight problems with some peripherals.

  Hels 19:58 04 Jun 2003

Think that might be my best bet.....format the drive and install XP. The only real worry I have about that is getting her set up with Btopenworld, it's not something I have done before and I know she has had problems with it in the past.......will have to sort it!

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