Windows XP turned to bloatware

  xania 23:45 23 Dec 2005

My Windows XP was about 3.5 Gb when first installed. I keep all my software etc on other partitions, so I can see that Windows XP has now expanded to 7.9 GB. after just 4 months. What's going on? Presumably, this is all down to the massive security upgrades and other downloads from Microsoft and Norton. Certainly, nothing else has gone onto that drive. Is there anytyhing I can safely delete (all temp files have already gone.)

  VoG II 23:54 23 Dec 2005
  rdave13 00:13 24 Dec 2005

Also try click here

  ton 03:50 24 Dec 2005

Don't forget that if you install software on a different partition to windows, that quite a lot of parts of the software will still be installed onto the windows partition.

  PaulB2005 07:39 24 Dec 2005

Also System Restore will be taking up some room.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:19 24 Dec 2005

If windows is running OK you can get rid of the unistall files ccreated when updates are installed, they all start with $ and are in the windows folde(usually in blue)

  xania 15:03 24 Dec 2005

VoG™ & Rdave13 - thanks for these links. I'm not sure they'll pick up the files I'm looking for, but I'll give them both a try.

TON - yes, I know that the registry and the Windows/System folders will grow, but not to this extent - anyhow, most of the software was already installed within the 3.5 Gb, including the first set of updates to Nortin, and SP2!

PaulB2005 - thast's a good one, and very worth while getting rid of it. I've yet to get one of those to work when needed. However, that will get back just 1.5Mb

Fruit Bat /\0/\ - I think we've already got rid of all these - certainly Search found none, and we clear out all temporary files verey frequently.

Thanks for all your efforts and a happy, but I think I'll keep this open a bit longer in case anyone else has anything to add.

A heathly and happy holiday and New Year to you all.

  rsinbad 15:13 24 Dec 2005
  woodchip 15:27 24 Dec 2005

System Restore is what is hogging you drive space. reduce it to 7% of the C:\Drive and turn all other drives off for system restore

  xania 14:13 28 Dec 2005

Thanks Woodchip. That was what I was looking for.

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