Is this Windows XP too cheap?

  Gaz W 01:00 26 Nov 2005

Hi, I'm always on the lookout for Windows XP as cheap as I can get it because I tend to build quite a few systems which require a legal operating system! I've recently found these on eBay:

click here

click here

I usually avoid anything like this on eBay, especially from a different country, but the XP Pro works out cheaper than I can get it here.

Is it legal to buy Windows from the US for this country?

Obviously I will need to ask the seller some questions, but would I be right to assume that PayPal can protect my money and give me a refund should it go wrong? This seller is a company, albeit in the USA, but this makes a big difference as they have an eBay reputation to maintain.

Anyway, if anyone could offer me advice on this, whether it's to steer clear or seize the opportunity, I would be very grateful.

I won't be online until the evening when I get back from work, which will leave me just enough time to read this forum, reply and then go to bed for work on Sunday! LOL!

Thanks in advance,


  Belatucadrus 01:43 26 Nov 2005

Is it legal to buy from US ? Yes, but be very careful about delivery charges and be aware of the potential for added VAT and inspection charges when it hits the UK.
Also be aware that the copy of XP home they are selling is OEM, due to changes in the microsoft license click here this can only be installed on new systems, to upgrade an existing PC you need the full copy.

Does the US windows offer £ & € support, can it be configured for a UK format keyboard ? I don't know, but worth finding out.

  DieSse 02:21 26 Nov 2005

Try here click here - email pascal

  Chegs ®™ 03:10 26 Nov 2005

"A non-peripheral hardware component. To comply with Microsoft and Ebay policy, a piece of computer hardware will be included with the software. This hardware can be motherboard, hard drive, video card, memory card, sound card, CPU, IDE cable, fan etc. The sales terms of this randomly selected untested hardware is "as - is" and is not returnable. There is no warranty, either expressed or implied, on the hardware piece included and, as such, is non returnable and non refundable."

They are breaking the OEM rules if they think this will allow them to sell OEM CD's.

I would email and ask for a further discount as you don't want the additional hardware,you just want them to sell an OEM CD(tell 'em your putting it onto a new system) ;-)

Or,have I gone and misinterpreted the new ruling from MS?

  spuds 12:03 26 Nov 2005

The links seem to supply a good eBay feedback, with recent purchases, so they do not seem to be an overnight wonder. Dealing with the USA via eBay as bought some good purchases for me over the past year, but watch the postage charge. I received an item today, in which I was charged £17.99 and the package on arrival had a USPS Global Priority Mail stamp for $5.00 on it.

If in doubt, send an email. If they reply promptly,in a satisfactory manner, then you should be safe.Make sure that you have the relevant stickers and activation codes supplied.Other than that, stick with the UK suppliers.

  alan227 12:13 26 Nov 2005

Be careful, anything over £29.00 attracts customs duty.

  Totally-braindead 13:06 26 Nov 2005

It could be a good deal if you don't get hit with customs charges but I would like to point out that some retailers are still selling Windows XP OEM admitadly they insist you buy some hardware like a mouse but the price is not hugely different once you take into account the postage charges click here and click here

  vinnyT 14:23 26 Nov 2005

" but would I be right to assume that PayPal can protect my money and give me a refund should it go wrong?"

In theory yes, but many cases have shown this not always to work in practice. If the seller has no money in his/her account paypal often refuse to refund any losses.

I should point out that this is what I have heard, not what I have experienced, as i do not use ebay/paypal.

  amonra 14:35 26 Nov 2005

If you have a friend, or know someone with a friend in the States, get the CD mailed to them and they can "open it" and send it on to you as a Xmas prezzie, No customs or VAT involved. Works for me !

  Belatucadrus 14:54 26 Nov 2005

click here for a site created by and catering to those not enjoying the Paypal experience.

  Gaz W 19:03 26 Nov 2005


Thanks for all your suggestions... some good ideas there. Thanks for the link DieSse - that may be what I'm looking for. IF there is a way I can work it out so it's cheaper for me to buy from this eBay company I will do that, because to be perfectly honest I'm not breaking the law in any way as these OS's are being installed on brand new PCs built by myself, and never get transferred between machines.

I can get Home Edition (which is enough for most people anyway) for £61.09 at Micro Direct, currently with a mouse thrown in, but was just trying to get as cheap as possible, preferably trade price or as near to trade as possible.

I think it's resolved now so I'll tick this thread off.

Thanks again for all your help!


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