Windows XP Taskbar Colour

  Jayar 20:13 06 Sep 2009

Recently, my Windows XP Home Premium taskbar changed from its previous blue background to silver entirely on its own. System Restore has not reinstated it. Is there a simple way of restoring the previous blue background?

  DieSse 20:46 06 Sep 2009

Right-click on a blank area of the main desktop

Choose Properties

Select Appearance tab

If the colour scheme says Silver - change it to Default (blue).

  Jayar 21:20 06 Sep 2009

Thanks for the response DieSse - In the Appearances Tab under Colour Scheme there is no Silver or Default Blue listed - I currently have it set with Windows Classic as the others listed do not appeal and do not change just the taskbar. I believe Win XP Pro may have more flexibility in setting up the taskbar colour, but at the present I am stuck with Win XP Home Premium.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:30 06 Sep 2009

Windows XP

1. Start up your computer and right click with your mouse on any clear space (don't click on any part of the taskbar or on any icons) a menu should appear.
2. In this menu, select Properties.
3. new menu should appear, select the option for Appearance.
4. Click on the active title bar
5. You can now easily customize the color of your Taskbar.
6. Click on Apply and you can view the new look of your Taskbar. Once you have customized the Taskbar to your liking, click OK to close the dialog box. It should be noted that while the taskbar color will change, the Start Button will always remain green.

Windows Vista

1. Start up your computer and right click with your mouse on any clear space (don't click on any part of the taskbar or any icons) a menu should appear.
2. In this menu, select Personalize.
3. new menu should appear, select the option for Colors and Appearance.
4. Click on the color and any attributes you would like.
5. Click OK and the new color of your Taskbar will be customized.

  Jayar 10:43 07 Sep 2009

Thank you Fruit Bat for your response.

By selecting Appearance>Advanced>Item>Active Title Bar I can certainly customise the colours with these (Inactive Window, Active Window, Message Box) but this has absolutely no effect on the taskbar at the bottom of the screen - is there something else that I need to do?

  eric_bloodaxe 11:29 07 Sep 2009

just had a play and found that you cannot change any colours unless you are in windows classic view, then the above advanced properties apply. In XP style the default setting always overrides any advanced changes. The taskbar can only be changed as part of an overall change in the Color Scheme text dropdown box. Thus it can be blue silver or olive, but all the windows change to match the taskbar cannot be changed on it's own. It might be worth mentioning that if you right click in the taskbar (blank bit in the middle) you can do all sorts to change how it looks what is displayed and so on but not the color.
Regards eric_bloodaxe.

  Sea Urchin 12:40 07 Sep 2009

You don't need to go into Advanced - just Appearance then change the colour scheme - click Apply and OK.

  Jayar 19:23 07 Sep 2009

Thank you eric_bloodaxe and Sea Urchin for your responses.

Firstly eric_bloodaxe - I do not have an option other than Windows Classic Style, there is no XP option listed - your comments are exactly what I am finding, so I guess it is a fait accompli with Windows XP Home.

Sea Urchin - I don't wish to change the colour scheme, just the colour of the taskbar at the bottom of the screen to the right of the Start Menu - it looks like it isn't possible to do this unfortunately.

  johnnyrocker 19:55 07 Sep 2009

if it has recently happened without interference from yourself i would suggest running one of the many antimalware progs


  Grey Goo 20:04 07 Sep 2009

This might help, never used it in anger though.
click here

  eric_bloodaxe 20:19 07 Sep 2009

If you have installed XP you should have XP style as the default in blue. It is odd that you seem not to. has anyone ever played with the system resource management settings? maybe it has been set to maximise system speed at the expense of the overhead that xp style brings. If you click control panel then performance and maintenance then 'adjust visual effects' you can set the whole thing in various ways to enhance or reduce visual effects and styles to get better appearance or better system performance. It is possible that setting this one way could eliminate the xp style option.
I apologise grey goo is right if it just went silver on its own you should suspect malicious code of some sort and run any and all anti malware scans you have. Also maybe check your security settings to tighten up on what gets onto your pc.
Regards E

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