Windows XP Startup prblem

  mocall1 10:19 22 Nov 2007

Hello Forum Members,
My PC problem is more annoying than critical,
butt there must be something wrong because it
is getting worse.
I will Explain the prcedure at startup on my PC.
First window:- Black with white lettering
Second Windows logo with traversing blue
light "this light traverses
Eleven times"at the moment.
Thirdly A complelety Black windowfor
Apprx One second.
Fourthly Windows logo wilh traversing
lights " this time for Nine
Traverses and increasing"
Fifth A completely black window for
Approx Rour seconds Followed by
the Mouse cursor dead centre
Six Small windows logo with text
(loading Settings)
Seven Moves onto Desktop Loads
Macafee and I am up and

Can anyone help with this problem?


  Pamy 11:50 22 Nov 2007

What problem?, mine takes much longer than that

  mocall1 12:43 22 Nov 2007

It would seem that you also need help.

I will wait in hope that a more constructive piece of advice comes along.

If you keep an Eye on this post you also might find some hep for your slow startup.


  brundle 14:29 22 Nov 2007

Need more to go on, PC spec, memory, programs running at startup. Mcafee is fairly resource-hungry and could be a contributing factor. Do you maintain the system, clear temporary files, do the occasional defrag ?

  mocall1 15:21 22 Nov 2007

Hello, Thankyou for you interest, I will try
to give as much info as I can.
I would describe My PC Spec As 80 Gig HD (Half free). Memory 1 Gig. Regular clean ups using
Auto defrag. auto tweekdun,Regcure, Advanced windows care (Weekly)
Programs rnning in the background at starlup Appsox 25 do I need to list them?
Not knowing what they actualy do, holds me back from using the knife.
I have tried to find out what is really
essential but with no luck.
I have descovered how to change these programs to manual or delete. but without advice
I am reluctant to move.
My usage is taken up by Surfing the WEB,
Emais, windows medea player,Printing Scanning,
Writing the odd letter.
I would turn every program to manual if I
could understand how to recognise when auto should be restored.
I hope all this helps


  birdface 15:39 22 Nov 2007

Have you tried ,Start,Run,and type in, msconfig,And go to start up,Do you have many programs ticked,I have 6 but basically all you need is your security programs and Firewall ticked.You could un-tick the rest,Apply ok.When you re-boot a box will appear just tick the little square,Ok.Now if you decide that you have un-ticked one and you need it running just go back to msconfig and tick it again,Apply ok.Etc.

  mocall1 17:15 22 Nov 2007

I went START/ RUN/ SERVICEs.MISC I changed all but a few programs from AUTO to MANUAL I Re started. there was no change in my protracted startup. But when desktop appeard it faild to load McAfee and the MaCafee icon only responds with a BLACK LOGO. So at the moment I have no security.I used (services.msc)to make the changes
on advice fron ( there are decriptions of the programs in this window.
I checked (msconfig / startup) and there were no changes here.ALSO I left MaCafee on automatic
when I did the changes.Also my task & toolbar
have changed from BLUE background to CREAM

  brundle 18:07 22 Nov 2007

Switch everything back to the way it was, or as much as you can remember, at least get Mcafee going again.
Disabling services won't make a dramatic difference to the speed of your computer and as you have noticed can do more harm than good. Is your PC part of a home network? If not go to Control Panel/Folders, click View, untick "Automatically search for network folders and printers", then go to Network Connections, right click your main connection, if the following are present and ticked , untick them. "Client for Microsoft Networks" and "File and Printer Sharing".

Restart PC.

Any strange crashes or problems lately? Slower than usual performance overall?

  mocall1 20:06 22 Nov 2007

Thanks for you speedy responce
I corrected as best I could I finally got MaCafee working after system restore and some fiddling about.I did the other checks that you
mentioned, not knowing which was to be the main
connection, I checked them both, Broadband was unticked & I unticked Client Etc on my ISP.
So now I am back where I started, the appearance
of two windows showing the XP Logo and for four times the original time plus the Blak Screen is
still a problem.
Thank you again

  brundle 23:23 22 Nov 2007

As I don't know what else is starting with your Windows system I can only suggest that Mcafee is contributing to your slow-startup. The only way to find out is to un-install Mcafee and install an alternative AV in the interim, one that uses minimal resources. NOD32 recommended click here. However, it's a lot of trouble to go to.

  BUSYLISSE 17:27 22 Jan 2008

get hijackthis,it does a lot more than finding hijackers.
when you get it run &make backup.
then run again,this time ,go trough every listing
in results.there is a box that xeplains what each listing does &gives advice on what to do .
try it ,as you have made backup ,doing what it advises wont do any harm &may cure your problem.

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