Windows XP Start-up problems?

  tobyjug2007 13:57 28 Oct 2008

Hi there people, any advice would be welcome, ive a Pentium 4 Desktop PC Compac, 3.2 CPU, 3 GB DDR RAM...ive gone into start menu>run> msconfig> start-up, but i feel something thats running possibly in the background might be slowing my boot-up to a snails pace....anyone advise what i must leave running on start-up, and what i can safely stop, Ive run a Registry cleaner, defragged it once or twice a day using O&O Defrag, yet its still very slow, all updates are up to date, except service pack 3 which i tried and it seemed to slow things even further...any ideas would be most welcome.
thanks peeps

  Clapton is God 14:31 28 Oct 2008

This will tell you which processes/programs can be safely disabled at startup click here

  DippyGirl 15:53 28 Oct 2008

shouldnt really use msconfig to control what starts - other than temporarily
Get hold of sysinternals click here and use autoruns
or windows defender>software explorer has a startup manager

  Clapton is God 16:02 28 Oct 2008

"shouldnt really use msconfig to control what starts"

Why not?

I've used it for years.

What's the point of using a third party app to achieve the same thing?

  tobyjug2007 18:00 28 Oct 2008

Many thanks to all the suggestions, i think i will just back-up my files, and format my machine, ive used msconfig for a while with no problems, maybe ive picked up some malware or trojan, thats causing the slow start-up, ive looked at both programmes that Clapton is God and DippyGirl suggested, and i'm rather confused by it all....think i should start afresh, but it could be that i just need a new PC...i thank everyone, so still open to 'simple' suggestions, i'm not very technically minded..i'll have a play about before i decide whether a format is my last option, so please if anyone has any ideas for a simpleton such as myself i'd be very welcome.

  Clapton is God 11:30 29 Oct 2008

"ive looked at both programmes that Clapton is God and DippyGirl suggested"

Clapton is God didn't suggest any programs.

He provided guidance as to how to use msconfig.

  tobyjug2007 12:30 29 Oct 2008

My apologies Clapton is God, i looked at the use of msconfig, but i couldn't see any of the letters corresponding to your offence meant :-)

  Clapton is God 12:40 29 Oct 2008

Click on the link I provided (28/10 at 14:31) to go the website.

Then in the Search box, type in the name of the process (or processes) in the startup tab of msconfig which you may want to disable.

You'll be shown a list of processes corresponding to that name and, under 'Status', advice as to whether you can disable it or leave it running.

The letters under 'Status' refer to the Key at the top of the web page.

  Ex plorer 14:27 29 Oct 2008

Hi have you run,a Virus test this could be a problem you can find these on this site under Downloads, Utilities (System Security).

Is your Hard drive getting full.
Go to my Computer, Right click C drive, then Properties and you will see what space is been used and what is spare.

  DippyGirl 14:30 29 Oct 2008

Yep I have used it as such in the past too.

Eventually found in my bookmarks
click here

Guess you pick what you are comfy with

  Ex plorer 14:43 29 Oct 2008

(You could do a windows repair install) this will keep what’s on your hard drive.
Read the link below fist and then print it off as a guide and do the repair, Had the same problem as you and it sorted me out.

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