Windows XP Sometimes Shut Down needs two attempts

  compumac 17:58 04 Jun 2007

I have found over the past two to three weeks that two PC's that I have, sometimes require two attempts by clicking on "Shut Down" before it actually happens. This only happens after the PC's have been on for several hours. Anyone with thoughts on this?

  brundle 18:06 04 Jun 2007

please provide more information on your two computers, we're not mind-readers
Version of Windows, any firewall and antivirus software, any anti-spyware software, recent software installations for exaple

  compumac 18:15 04 Jun 2007

XP Home on both. Symantec Antivirus on one, AVG on the other. AdAware, A Squared on both. No new programmes installed.

  brundle 18:23 04 Jun 2007

Do you experience a delay if you run shutdown from the command line or run box?
For example, select Start menu/Run, type

Shutdown -S -t 10

You should have a box appear in the middle of the screen with a 10 second countdown.

Another person has posted regarding slow shutdown problems recently, it could be to do with Microsoft Updates

  brundle 18:24 04 Jun 2007

The command I mentioned will actually shut down your PC, you might like to make a shortcut to a batch file containing

shutdown -a

to abort any actual shutdowns.

  compumac 18:31 04 Jun 2007

Used Shutdown -S -t 10 First attempt countdown from 10 seconds and then nothing for one minute so tried again with Shutdown -S -t 10
and it did shut down albeit with a slight delay. Will try again later on both PC's.

  Stuartli 18:41 04 Jun 2007

Could be that you still have a process or processes still running and slow to close down.

Using Ctrl+Alt+Del will reveal them.

  NICKLEBACK 11:46 26 Jun 2007

Hi can anyone help me my PC shuts down when i try to load a CD, I open up the tray put the disc on, it slides back into PC and then my PC shuts down then re-starts I'm using XP

  Totally-braindead 11:51 26 Jun 2007

Start your own thread NICKLEBACK, go to the start of the Helproom listing all the topics and go to the bottom marked start new topic or whatever it says, pick a proper title, something like Shutdown/restart problem or whatever but something that describes what it does.

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