Windows XP software counterfeiting message

  ProblemSolver 11:00 01 Jun 2006

From/ ProblemSolver
Hello folks,

I have a Packard Bell Computer, purchased some months ago,
from PC World; Windows XP (Home Edition) is installed.

Whilst waiting for my computer to 'shut down', recently,
A 'warning message' came on my computer monitor screen,
saying Not to touch anything, because Downloaded Updates
were being installed, and that the computer would be
automatically shut down, when the updates had been installed;

I allow 'automatic updating', so considered this to be normal
practice, no problems – before. When I came back, a short
time later, the following Warning Message came up;

“This copy of Windows is Not Genuine.
To protect your copy of Windows you must click Genuine.
The following options were shown;
'Get Genuine' - 'Resolve Later'

( I did not click either of these options, wondering why
it took so long for Microsoft to notice that my Windows XP
Edition Professional was not genuine; plus, I am running
Windows XP Home Edition; have I been 'hacked',
or did PC World install a 'pirated copy' on my new machine?
Maybe, it is another Microsoft 'ploy' to increase their
profits, or could be simple 'computer 'glitch'?).
The message continued;
“This system has recently received an update from Microsoft. The update will display login notification and reminders if your
system is not running genuine Microsoft Windows.
If you receive a notification, you will be given an opportunity
to resolve the problem.
Only genuine Windows customers are eligible to receive
Microsoft Product Supports, select security upgrades, and
other new features.
For more information visit: click here
This copy of Windows is Not Genuine!
You may be a victim of software counterfeiting.”
I ran Spybot, Adaware, and did a Full System scan, with
Norton Antivirus; no problems found. The message did
not display today, maybe it will, at intervals.
Any Ideas, what is wrong or what to do, please?

  SANTOS7 11:03 01 Jun 2006

click here
this will help..

  mike1967 11:06 01 Jun 2006

Yeah but the problem here is thats its from PC World so XP should be genuine shouldn't it.

My advice would be to return the PC to them and point out what is happening

  SANTOS7 11:11 01 Jun 2006

Many people with genuine copy's of XP have had this notice, stil not sure why, the link is all you need ......

  mike1967 11:13 01 Jun 2006


OK wasn't aware of that, even with the notification does it install the updates?

  JayDay 11:13 01 Jun 2006

I had a similar problem, after changing some hardware I was asked to activate Windows again. I tried this and informed that the copy wasn't genuine. Never had a problem up to then. I called MS and went through some questions and they gave me a new activation code.

  Newuser4165 11:19 01 Jun 2006

Check the product key on the COI on the pc and compare it to the product key stored in the registry.They should be the same - if not then take it back to pcworld and get them to sort it out.
You can download a free copy of Belarc Advisor which will allow you to retrieve the key from the registry:-
click here

  Newuser4165 11:21 01 Jun 2006

Oops - should be COA not COI - Certificate of Authenticity.

  SANTOS7 11:27 01 Jun 2006

click here
Done a bit of delving have to say i'm with Newuser4165 on this, might be an idea to phone Microsoft tell them when and where you purchased PC and since downloading the verification tool as an automatic update you are getting the "not genuine" notification.
you do not say that when you purchased PC your registered your O/S it maybe because of that....

  namtas 11:58 01 Jun 2006

I dont know how others feel about this situation, but I personally feel that as it stands it is a not acceptable. It would appear that their is some sort of problem in how the detection operates and this is causing legitimate copies of MS to be awarded this message. If I have all the indication that I am using a legitimate copy then I really do not feel that it is not my problem and that I should not be expected to chase up at my expense and time correcting a issue that is not of my making or indeeed for my benifit. I wonder how may people will simply accept the warning and incurr additional expense replacing the system?

  SANTOS7 12:10 01 Jun 2006

I wonder how may people will simply accept the warning and incurr additional expense replacing the system?

It only takes a phone call!!!!!

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