Windows XP Slowdown problem

  Night Ryder 19:56 16 May 2004

Firstly, I have Windows XP Pro., installed and I'm fully up to date with BIOS and all hardware drivers. I access the internet via 56K modem.
A few weeks back I re installed Windows XP because the system was running extremely slow.
It would boot up in a reasonable time but when running applications there would be a very long delay whithout any noticeable drive activity.
For example, I would click on something as simple as the widows explorer icon and there could be as much as a 10 second delay before the window would appear. All other aplications behaved in a similar manner. Even when right clicking the desktop then properties would produce the same sort of delay. I spent many hours trying to identify the cause of the problem but eventualy gave up and re installed the system after which everything worked as normal untill recently. I don't know if there is any connection here but I was recently on the internet collecting mail and looking at various web sites when an extra window I didn't ask for poped up in front of everything. I immediately tried to shut this window down and the whole system locked up. I eventualy had to force a shut down because the system would not shut down normaly. Ever since this I've had the problem and If I recall correctly this is how it started the first time. I have virus and spyware software installed on my system. Help,has anyone got any ideas?

  johnnyrocker 19:59 16 May 2004

do a google search for stinger and download from first listed (networks) to a floppy disable system restore and run a sweep of pc.


  Night Ryder 20:54 16 May 2004

Thanks johnnyrocker. I've tried this but no problems were revealed with "Singer".
I guess if I have to re install the system, I'll make sure that all my virus/spyware software is fully up to date and keep my fingers crossed.

  Night Ryder 00:34 20 May 2004

I re installed my Windows XP system, very carefuly seting up all my virus and spyware software. All is running well and the software has already stopped numerous attempted hits to the system.
Thanks for all your help.

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