Windows XP Slow to Start

  precrown 12:09 28 Mar 2004

Why does my HP nx9005 laptop take up to two minutes to load Widows XP professional from typing in my log-in password?

Programs run at start up have now been cut-down to the minimum. See list below. I have looked at selective startup but its not obvious how to and I dont want to create new problems.

Zlclient.exe (Zone Alarm)

Can anyone please advise how to make Windows load without the delay where the icons are not appearing in the system tray?

  jimv7 12:19 28 Mar 2004

Have you run ad-aware and spybot

Ad-aware from click here

Spybot from click here both free with updates.

  precrown 12:31 28 Mar 2004

Thanks jimv7 I will try them.

  anon1 12:45 28 Mar 2004

tjhis may be of help click here

  hugh-265156 13:10 28 Mar 2004

click here click here click here

try stopping norton from loading at start up just to test if this is whats slowing it down.

there is a little tool made by microsoft called bootvis,this will optomize the xp start up to boot faster.its no longer available but i have a copy,if you want to try it click the little yellow envelope beside my name and i will send you a copy to try.

  precrown 17:09 28 Mar 2004

Thanks all. Clearing the prefetch file or not allowing Norton Antivirus has no effect. So no change so far. There is little hard disc activity just a long delay.

  anon1 17:28 28 Mar 2004

then try clearing zone alarm (stop it from starting) If it clears it then at least you know why.

  precrown 19:57 29 Mar 2004

Used bootvis from huggyg71 (thanks) and I thought the results confirmed what I saw at start up. A long delay of about two minutes with little activity. All drivers and programs seem to load quickly without problem. The optimise function from bootvis had no effect. Then I disabled some service programs eg Ati Hotkey Poller, Auto updates, Fast User switching (about7 in total) adn re-ran bootvis - which reported that it was now faster by 90 seconds approx. Only problem is if fact the start-up time is just the same. (Confused?)

  precrown 22:51 29 Mar 2004

Tried optomising with bootvis twice more the second time took almost an hour. The start up time is now far more acceptable at less than a minute.

Thanks huggyg71

  hugh-265156 22:59 29 Mar 2004

what was the name of the driver,program etc bootvis displayed as taking the longest to load in the graph?

hover your mouse over the graph to get the name.

logon+service takes the longest for me at around 16 secs.

try setting your uneeded services to manual if they are set to auto.the safe settings click here work well for me but every set up is different so click the name of the service to get more info on it and see if you need it or not.make a restore point before changing anything just in case.

have you run defrag lately?

also try unticking everything listed in start/run msconfig/start up just to test if it could be something here slowing it down(i know you stopped norton before with no effect).if with everything unticked its faster then put back one tick at a time and see if you can find the culpret.dont forget to re tick the av and firewall again when finished testing.

also are all your drivers up to date for motherboard chipset and graphics card etc?also check windows itself is up to date click here

  hugh-265156 23:03 29 Mar 2004


you posted the last while i was typing.

under a min is good.

"Tried optomising with bootvis twice more the second time took almost an hour"

it normally takes around 5 mins or so to optomize when i used it.try running a defrag as above if you have not already maybe.

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