Windows XP shutdown shortcut

  trickydicky 21:05 09 Jun 2003

In Windows 98 you could create a shortcut that you could click to quickly shutdown windows, but how do you do this in XP.

  jazzypop 21:35 09 Jun 2003
  trickydicky 18:55 11 Jun 2003

The shortcut works to a certain extent but it does not do the full software shutdown that it used to do in Windows 98, I have to push the on/off button to completely shut it down, is there any way to make it shut down altogether.


  Djohn 19:07 11 Jun 2003

Do you have a "Power off button" top right of your keyboard? Just above the (Pause/break key). Hitting that will close down applications/programs and then switch off your PC. j.

  Sir Radfordin™ 19:12 11 Jun 2003

You may be able to programe your power button to shutdown (not just turn off) the Dell one's do that.

  jazzypop 19:12 11 Jun 2003

I suspect that there is a BIOS setting somewhere that needs altering, if Windows shuts down but your PC does not power-off. Are you sure it is not going into a suspend or hibernate mode? Check also that the Power settings in Control Panel are set correctly.

  spikeychris 19:25 11 Jun 2003

ßéŁâ, I've tried that prog in the past, may be the scripting I have going on at bootup/shutdown but it wouldn't work. There is the option of 'switch off' a remarkable prog that will do more than shutdown, it will lock the machine, restart, hibernate, standby or log off. click here and download it. You have to be aware though, if you have scripts running it will not work correctly.


  Dave Bowman 19:27 11 Jun 2003

I've tried this line before, it works and its fast but I would suggest finding out if you have a set up problem first.

C:\windows\system32\shutdown.exe /s /t 0

  keith-236785 21:05 11 Jun 2003

you could press ALT+F4 together to bring up the shutdown menu.

good luck

  keith-236785 21:11 11 Jun 2003

you may have to press ALT+F4 twice if you have something else running, once you get the shutdown menu, just press U+ENTER, this will shutdown your computer,

dont know if this is exactly what you want but it is quick and saves you bothering with the mouse, you can do the same by pressing the windows key on your keyboard, pressing the up cursor once, enter, then U+ENTER

  Audeal 21:23 11 Jun 2003

Try this little Wizmo from Steve Gibson's site. There are lots of options you can try out, including one for Shutting down or Rebooting your system. Put the shortcuts you want onto the desktop. click here

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