Windows XP Shut Down Time

  Woodmouse 06:14 02 May 2003

It was quite normal for my system to shut down in about 7 seconds. Now I am experiencing a shut down time of 1Min 45 seconds from the time I select Turn Off Computer.
Any ideas? How can I determine what is causing this length of time? Is there a program in my computer which is running, which needs to close down, yet is not showing in the task manger?

  Lozzy 07:26 02 May 2003

The shut down speed and Boot speed is all dependent upon what you have running in the back ground. Have a look in Run>>MSCONFIG then click the start up tab and un-check the programs and services you do not want to run. DO NOT UN-CHECK system files or you will have problems.. This will speed up shutdown and Boot times.

  « Ravin » 07:34 02 May 2003

do you have a creative soundcard ? since i remember a few posts about them that some file used to slow boot times devldr or something

  « Ravin » 07:36 02 May 2003

also try going to msconfig as suggested above and un check the services that are not necessary . for a full explanation of the items that appear there click here

  The Walker 07:46 02 May 2003

Have you installed the windows update patch no.
811493? This patch has been causing some computers to run very slowly in general and could possibly cause the problem you are experiencing.
To find out if you have installed this patch go to add/remove programs and check the xp hotfix list. If it is there just delete it and see if that helps. I had to do this and my computer has returned to normal speed.
Hope this is helpful.

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