Windows XP Set Up did not find any Hard Disk Drive

  RichDragon 15:33 21 May 2006

Hi, My PC suddenly stopped allowing me access to interent. I have tried to boot from the Windows XP CD and it has re-installed 'stuff' from the CD and a manufacturers floppy that it asked to be inserted in Drive 'A'.
However I get the following message " Set Up did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer". On the blue 'set up' screen I then get the message "Examining 194475 MB Disk at Id 0 on bus 0 on viasraid" except nothing happens and the only way is to turn the PC off and go and have a calming cup of tea as I usually need one by then.
I've managed to get my old PC going and gone back to dial-up with AOL to try and seek expert help as my daughter is starting her GCSEs in the next few days and the PC stores a lot of her work.
Any help would be much appreciated.
Thank you

  SANTOS7 15:43 21 May 2006

click here
this may help...

  RichDragon 18:22 21 May 2006

Thanks Santos, the setup screens etc are probably what I need, I downloaded the 6 floppies etc but I have the Windows XP Sp2 disk so I don't think I really neede to. from the message "Examining 194475 MB Disk at Id 0 on bus 0 on vias raid" my other PC has just bought up another message that there is a partition in place mmmmm. Does "Technical information: ***STOP:0x0000008E (0xC0000005, 0x8081A799, 0xF7383778, 0x00000000) mean anything to you experts? as I cannot delete the partition and the problem just goes on.
Getting back to the pages you recommended Santos. I have the CDs etc for Motherboard but the PC only asks for the Floppy to be put into Drive A: and I have tried every combination of putting the CDs I have in after the one floppy manufacturers but to no avail.
I even started trying to copy the 'Drivers' files individually off each of the CDs to floppy but ran out of floppies (which I sort of expected to) but something must work.
I even found the BIOS stuff but was not too keen to alter anything in there. I tried altering 1st load priority from floppy to CD-ROM but yet another try to upload the existing manufacturers software failed so went back and changed it to floppy 1st.
Had about enough for today so tempted to start using CDs as tea coasters! I have a Gigabyte K8 triton Series Motherboard but no idea about Hard disk info aapart from it being about 190 Gb (my brain must be 1kb).
Will come back tomorrow, and see if any more helpful advice posted.
Thanks Richard

  remind 18:30 21 May 2006

post your mobo make and model. sounds like the floppy it requests should contain your raid controller drivers.
if its an older board like the abit kg7 take the side off your pc and swap the ide cable from a raid controller to a standard ide one. raid ones were green or bright blue on that board if i recall.
if you're running a multi hd raid array don't do that, find the drivers.

  RichDragon 18:48 21 May 2006

Thank you 'remind', The floppy gives 3 options, I choose the top one "VIA Serial ATA RAID Controlloer (Windows XP)" Set up then loads a lot of stuff and then we end up back at "Examining 194475 MB Disk at Id 0 on bus 0 on viasraid".
MoBo (bear with me here non tech) On the MoBO Utilities CD it says "VIA Chipsets/ATA 133 RAID/USB 2.0" I would imagine the drivers are on there, but there is also another CD with "Sapphire Installation Driver CD", but as the day goes on my brain is being driven.....mad by Drivers

  Cogent1 18:53 21 May 2006

It sounds as if you have a recovery CD provided by the manufacturer. This might be attempting to restore your system back to its factory settings. If it does, you can kiss all your existing data files goodbye.

Take everything out of the drives. Forget about motherboard drivers and complex error messages for the moment.

Just boot up and press F2 or DEL to enter setup. Does the BIOS correctly identify the HDD?

Boot up again while pressing f8. Choose Safe Mode from the list of options. Does the computer start up? If not, will it start in safe mode with command prompt? Do you know how to create a bootable floppy from your other machine? If so, what happens if you boot from a floppy? Can you get a C:\ prompt on the faulty machine?

If none of these options work, beg borrow, steal, or in emergency, BUY a disk partitioning program like Partition Magic. This will enable you to boot from a floppy and inspect and possibly repair partition errors. You may also then be able to create a second partition to which you can move all your data files before you reformat and reinstall your operating system on the first partition.

It is possible that having accidentally gone through a part of the reinstallation process, you are now booting into the rescue partition (a normally hidden drive put there by the maufacturer) instead of your C: drive. We will need more information from you before we can be sure.

Anyway, don't bamboozle yourself with technicalities. There's a simple answer to your problem.

  RichDragon 19:08 24 May 2006

My daughters boyfriend 'thinks' that the Controller card and/or the hard drive itself is faulty. He tried with the software but got no farther than me (so I'm not really an idiot). He opened the box and checked all the pretty little things & connections in there (OK so I am ignorant of some things) but still no joy. He couldn't get to the bit where there was 2 partitions which I did see at some stage whilst investigations were under way, is 'Partition Magic' the "simple answer" to the problem?
All the best

  RichDragon 19:59 02 Jun 2006

Must get around to taking a back up now and again. Thanks to all for your advice, it was much appreciated. Looks like there was a virus on the hard drive.

  terryf 20:47 02 Jun 2006

Suggest that for the future you buy an ext usb hd and a copy of Acronis, make an image backup of you drive on the ext one then switch off or dis-connect the ext drive until you need to restore

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