Windows XP Service Pack 2

  Pat.B 12:33 07 May 2005

I'm currently using Norton anti virus 2005 and personal firewall. Do I need SP2 as well, and is it likely to conflict with them?

  pcgal 12:49 07 May 2005

I run the same as you with sp2 with no problems.

I do turn the new windows firewall off though(built into sp2)

If your computers running fine then my advice would be to leave sp2 alone.

You have a firewall so your security should be pretty good already.

  Diodorus Siculus 12:50 07 May 2005

SP2 is more valuable than Norton in my opinion. Check the symantec site for any details of possible conflicts, but I should not be concerned.

  pcgal 12:52 07 May 2005

More valuable than Norton !! sp2 doesnt guard against viruses and the windows firewall is pretty lame according to many reports

  Diodorus Siculus 12:59 07 May 2005

Sorry, I didn't mean to imply that it should be used without Norton (or other form of protection) only that if there were a chance of conflict, I would install SP2 and find an alternative to Norton.

  selfbuild 13:01 07 May 2005

And what about all the security fixes in SP2 pcgal?

They don't release these service packs and security patches because someone is bored.....

  pcgal 13:17 07 May 2005

selfbuild for your information many companies including IBM have not yet rolled out sp2 into their computer infrastructures.

Its not the end of the world for a home user not to have sp2 installed.

A computer without sp2 will not go into meltdown.

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